Recall, Xin Luo (3D)


Unique idea and great execution.
Love it!




good work…


The work is stunning! …and I like the Donald Duck int the center of the image :slight_smile:


the little guy’s sweater is amazing, is that sculpted detail or map?


Great work!


Great I love this piece. It feels like Norman Rockwell. :cool:


lovely peace


I love the Donald Duck logo on the backpack. Great work.


Well done man.


:beer: 这做了多长时间啊


It is stunning :bowdown:
At first view, without reading the description, I thought there was a sci-fi take on this.


Great work


Great Work


0_o, first look makes me think you drew it. But It’s a great render :slight_smile:


Excellent work! Congratulations.

Nice lighting, really take me back to the mood of my childhood.

Just a little critique : try to take a look at the Chinese font they used on the cup. it’s different from the one you choose.

This is the most impressive 3D Still Frame work I’ve ever seen.


good NB NB


Good good, 80’s memories.


This is so beautiful, and really touching. Great job, you’ve managed to capture a truly wonderful moment :slight_smile:


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