Recall, Xin Luo (3D)


Title: Recall
Name: Xin Luo
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hello, every one .This is my budding works.The China of 80 time, full of youth spirit… On a sunny morning, after breakfast, father for the child in pre- school preparation, the child in an unfortunate injury in the head, this experience can only to bear their own , myself feel, oneself feeling.Father with great care will be that wound up just as the children of a childlike innocence and retained
I hope you will like this picture.


Stunning work Xin, I especially love the lighting here, and the subject itself is really interesting. A breakdown would be great to see!



Thanks lildragon for the frontpage!
Here more information of this work!


Very nice rendering and refreshing idea!


Love the idea, makes me wonder about the story before this pic, makes me want to know more


Beautiful work!
I love the details and lighting!
It reminds me the Soviet time back when i was kid.
I miss USSR a lot!


Excellent execution.

And very creepy, re-enforced by how innocent the scene looks at first glance.

Not really sure what I think about the growing tendency to put children in horror, though. Then again I´m for (almost) total freedom in all arts, so that´s sort of a moot point, LOL.


I am glad to rise to the front page… :arteest: we want to see more works on front page.excellent details and lighting.


looks great!




Amazing work!


amazing work … touching scene…


very artistic work…great work.


This one is great piece of work…great job done!! congrats :beer:


jiu shi NB! zhen NB!


Beautiful work, I like it very much! It’s good to see so much care put into such a nice idea.


OMG so many details. 6 stars!


Sculpt is very good and the lighting brings up the whole piece together. Very emotional work!




Thank you for loving this works