Rebuild, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Rebuild
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Having a strong affinity with Japan, I couldnt help but be moved by the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck on the 11th of March 2011.
I dedicate this image to those who lost their lives, those who were displaced, and the strong spirit of the Japanese people.

Til the end of 2011, all proceeds from this print go to the Red Cross Japanese tsunami and earthquake fund.


Your handling of shape and form has become unparalleled. I love your work!


Really fantastic there andrew .Big Fan for sure.This really should be in the other gallery .Exellent peice.


Nice colours and lighting. Big fan of your work :slight_smile:

If I could offer one small personal critique I would say that the girl just doesn’t look very Japanese? Her eyes are quite large which make her look more western than asian (great reference chart: here). In fact if it weren’t for the description I would have no idea it was set in Japan.

But maybe that’s just me :wink:

Overall, nice piece. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Really nice composition and mood!
great work mate!


every think is very cool & i like it 2much the idea is very good :applause:


Thumb up.
The environment looks definitely japanese (it reminded me of Kyoto, but also Osaka has something like it, afaik).
As for the eyes, well, many japanese girls like to correct the slant of their eyes (this was more fashionable several years ago, perhaps), and I think that they blend well with face and expression. You avoided the caricatural flawour that too often endangers this kind of images.


Thanks for the comments guys. The character is actually the ‘Tokyo girl’ i made in 2005, but dressed up in her regular clothes, i.e, a school uniform. I didnt have time to make a completely new character, and i thought her face was perfect for this piece.

Ebasta - glad you like the surroundings. I was trying hard to make it feel like Japan, without the cliches of neon signs, temples etc. Something that reminds me of when i used to get lost and walk around in random Tokyo suburbs! Google street view was really helpful with reference for this.

Show some love and buy a print :wink:


it’s beautifull!! I very like! how you do? how did you do that ?


hi, Andy.
This is a really wonderful, beautiful image.
The girl is pretty, and the houses along the street is wonderful.

I especially like the sign on utility pole…
The sign says “Tatenaoshi = Rebuild”.

and the flower blooming from a crack lets me image “hope”.
There are no words adequate to express my thanks for such a wonderful work.

really, really, Thank you so much!! from Japan.


Hey Andrew greetings and love from Turkey…I am following your work since long before … model.Sizden girl character and a very nice and the construction of this model for the distribution of polygon would like to ask you to share your work … Good day …


really nice and sensitive…:slight_smile:


Wow, I like it. Yes the back ground totally looks like Japan. The girl looks fantastic.


Mariko - thanks a lot. Im happy you like it, and the message it conveys. Im also happy that the sign reads correctly! I had to get some help from a friend to make sure it meant the right thing!


one word, sensational.


Great idea using the Tokyo Girl character, and excellent symbolism with the crack in the pavement and flower growing out of it - a really touching piece, with a hopeful message to it. Hope sales of the print go well, and that you raise a good amount of money for the earthquake/tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

Hats off to you, good sir, and keep up the great work.


Wonderful work! very sweet and love the symbiolic ,the flower with the wall…very claver! Cheers Andy and you are awesome as always!


Thanks and congratulations, you’re an artist alert and intelligent


nace atmosphere i like it


Very nice. I like the concept as well as the thought and message behind it.