Rebirth Of Thor, Thunder Studio (3D)


Title: Rebirth Of Thor
Name: Thunder Studio
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop

The fete sacrificed his soul in the old temple under the sea . Thor ,who has been locked there for million years has been waken…
Modelated using 3DSMAX 6 and render with brazil
Using ps for texture ,and final composition using photoshop and dfusion
wireframe and some texture tests are in Page5

Thanks for watching!!!


Wow that is so cool. I can really see the attention to detail. Did you use the skin shader with Brazil? And did you paint the background?
My only crit is that the big chains look too fat to me. Otherwise it’s amazing.


i love it it really looks great i love your desighn too i reeally dont have much else too say . good job


really great work… but i’m not sure if he standing on the ground or floating in the air, maybe some more light and shadow there will tell. But great. :thumbsup:


Very nice style and details. *****


fantastic scene !!!:eek:


Really nice first post there mate! Good work!


this is totally amazing,:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:,speechless…


Just amazing…Simply awesome!

Great work man!


Very nice. Quite spectacular actually. However, maybe a little more bounce off the bright spot of ground under his left foot could bring out the feet a bit more. Also, the chain looks a little flat and non metally ( not the big foreground links - those look great )

Also, if the eyes are glowing, maybe they should spill a little light out onto the face, looks a little weird on the dark side of the face.

fabulous though. I would say you’re likle 99.9999% to perfection.


Really fantastic work! Great style.

The character and the background look to seperate though. No interaction it seems. maybe some lighting effects or shadows could change that? or if the water around him was dirtier.


Impressive work, simply great


Hey thats a killer still!
some wires could be great, I wanna see into this guy a bit more.
Exellent work… keep it up!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Wire, me wants wire!


totally sweet!


wow man… the illumination is great!
nice render


Quality work. I don’t really care for the recreation of thor that you have presented here. Reminds me way to much of something I would see turned into a Mcfarlane toy for the Spawn line or something. Really great work, just don’t care for the character style


this is really good! no comment…


hey really nice work buddy …:thumbsup: …!!!"


the texture is so realistic…the bone of image is so so strong.