Rebecca, Sergey Ossipov (3D)


Title: Rebecca
Name: Sergey Ossipov
Country: Czech Republic
Software: Maya

This is my last 3d work :).This character was created as an in house project to developed photo realistic skin shading and rendering techniques. for a closer look check out the high res image. I apreciate any critics about my work

>> Hi resolution image <<


Hi, marvelous render.

Two crits,

  1. Upper lips, near the corner of the mouth it looks kind of off. I think it sticks out too much.
  2. The hair isn’t that realistic.

Other than that, the skin shading is spectacular, keep up the good work!


Nice work, I like it :stuck_out_tongue:


woah, this could be so good, but the hair really stands out and the bg is could dull, put a blurred photograph in the back and some better hair on her and it will be amazing, good work


Great job man
but the hair need more work coz it make the character looks like a doll


yap, i agree with 3DMachine.
Nearly a perfect charakter! :slight_smile:
Only the hairs…
U should change them :wink:


as mention earlier … hair :smiley:


Whooooah! I zoomed in and the eyes completely took my breath away. Maybe they were right when they said it was all in the eys.

Amazing work there, but the hair kinda distracted from the overall quality, and when you zoomed out enough, it seemed there were little errors about her face anatomy. But very impressive work and nice textures.


great work man,looks great except the hair.congratulations!:applause:


Nice work indeed. But your previous work was much better. :sad:


the texturing work looks good and yes the hair could b improved nice one dough


Except the Hair, it looks perfect!


wow!! excellent texture, great expression for this face.cheer


I think she’s very attractive, but she’s bordering on having that trout-lips botox look with the upper lip the way it is. I agree it’s too puffy and sticks out too much.


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