i’m working on a drawing now,actually its a re-make of the mission of the surreal pic, i decided to go back to the drawing board.

so it would be ok to post that in here for review right? anything goes

…just making sure.


sweet shaded apples batman!

i’m off to draw a skull. hopefully i can finish it this week!


SKULLS, NOOB, SKULLS!!! Only skulls… :slight_smile:



sorry…me so confused,with all the apples and the skulls and the talent!!!


Shading! Great! :applause: If there is an area I need to work on it’s shading… well, except for all the other areas. :smiley:


lol :slight_smile: go forth and draw skulls! :slight_smile:



So let me get this right -

We draw skulls, yeah?..:scream:

Cool topic - done one (posted on anatomy thread) off to do more. Thx for the tutorial too. will study it more tomorrow.







Rebecca, should be be calling the FBI to check your rose bushes?

Just wondering.



Har. Har. Har. Har.


3rd lesson! Rebecca, I really appreciate what u are doing :slight_smile: and that’s exactly the topic I was looking for !
I’ll give it a try :bounce:




Thanks! Good to hear your feedback! Looking forward to your posts! :slight_smile: Nebezial did a GREAT job on his tutorial, I am THRILLED! I have never seen as good a Photoshop tut, either, I have to get busy and study what looks like to be an ongoing, many-paged tutorial! :bounce:

Whee! :slight_smile:



grabs his head

Umm parietal, occipital, watchoocall that in Inglish?
Ok skull time no more spamming… Noob I’m not insinuating anything.
But some people only post when the got something to show.

Ok, past my bedtime, next time, later, thanks Rebecca.
It’s really great to do anatomy class again :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m even convinced to use my tablet it’s just that I wore off the nib and I can’t get Wacom nibs anywhere here in Africa.

Mice, on the other hand, are not pressure sensitive. But they’re so nice for drawing…
Ah, the dillemma…


Cool, new lesson :slight_smile:

Here’s my first mediocre attempt :stuck_out_tongue:

Please tear apart :slight_smile:
Done in PS with a basic hard brush, using the front reference provided.


Woo! First customer! :slight_smile:

Think I’ll wait a little to, er, “tear apart” though… :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! Virtual hi-five! :thumbsup:



lol rebeccak :smiley: Do you want us to draw the skull in different perspectives too?, like perhaps lying on a table, face up or something? That would be quite challenging drawing it in 3D from the ortho views, and then shading yourself w/o reference, wouldnt you say?


Yeah i like scorpions idea, and maybe the skull could be surounded by… aples? ( or maybe not :stuck_out_tongue: )
Rebeka, great work on the tutorials, I hv being following it, but couldnt find time to post anything, will try this time. Congrats again



Thanks for the post! Looking forward to seeing your work :). I’m sure nibs can be ordered online?

scorpion007 and AndreKling,

Har har! Hey, there are several links to different views of the skull on the front page of this thread. I absolutely encourage you to post as many skull drawings as you wish! (Apples ok, as long as they’re secondary ;))

Also, feel free to draw from your own skull reference ~ if you have skeletons in your closet ~ ha! ~ then feel free to draw those :slight_smile: ~otherwise, just Google “skull” and a myriad number of skull pictures will magically appear for your use as Reference.

Just remember to please post your Reference along with your drawings so I have a basis upon which to evaluate your drawings.

Thanks for the posts! :slight_smile:



I’d like to do this one with a pencil but I don’t have a scanner :’(


well. i’ve read and enjoyed the ones so far but i’m yet to actually partipate, so heres is a pencil sketch of the lateral reference provided.