Rebecca Kimmel's Anatomy Review 002: OPPOSING CURVES


I believe you’re correct, commodore.

Rebecca, I have a question. How exactly does this concept of opposing curves work, practically? Should we be drawing a certain way? Or just working normally and simply taking note of the curves?


meta87 wrote:

>Do you know of any figure drawing books that address this? I have several books.

Hey, meta87, good to see you back! There is a book whose name I will research for you and post as soon as I find it.

>Are there times when a paranthesis type shape is acceptable or should this be avoided at all costs? There are times when I am drawing from a photo (Since I can’t find any live models :frowning: ) and I see pretty symmetrical curves and have a hard time avoiding them.

If you’re just putting in lines for the lay-in/gesture and are noting the edges of any width of the body ~ be it arm, leg, torso, wrist, etc. ~ it’s fine. But I’ve really never seen ( ) curves work well. If you see in the body curves which are not much offset, exaggerate them a bit…I think it will help to improve a drawing.


seth1 ~ thanks for the post!

meta87 ~ wow ~ I think these are a big improvement over the last set of gesture sketches which you did. I’ll review these soon.

Gordon Freeman ~ cool! looking forward to your posts :slight_smile:

FromanylanD: Great! Looking good so far. Post your best drawings. So long as you feel the drawings which you post show improvement, I would post them :slight_smile:

Seth1 ~ the torso in the upper right corner is really getting there ~ later I’ll post something about emphasizing the apexes of curves.

commodore ~ I’m sorry! I will try to post more drawings to explain :slight_smile: It’s cool to have an international group of peers…

Cyborgguineapig: thanks!

FromanylanD wrote:
>How exactly does this concept of opposing curves work, practically? Should we be drawing a certain way? Or just working normally and simply taking note of the curves?

Thanks for the question ~ I would say, when looking at the figure, DECIDE IN ADVANCE where the MOST IMPORTANT CURVES are ~ and draw them SIMPLY, as in the Gesture Drawings. Put one curve down, then it’s opposing curve, and work your way down the figure, using a rhythmic back and forth motion of your pencil that addresses both sides of the body with equal measure.

Do NOT completely draw ONE side of the body, and then, the other side.

Instead, work the figure ONE set of Opposing Curves at a time ~ create form just with these Curves as you work down the body.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the posts, guys! :slight_smile:


this is mega hard! arrrghhh!!

sumtime later

heres my quick attempt…

if ur gunna ask me what shez doin,the answer will be F**K KNOWS,just ur regular neked spasticated woman.just wanted to experience curvation in a more dynamic way.:smiley:

forgive me for not having ref or any visual ades.


Yay, I finally got my scanner working! Here’s a quick sketch I made.


NOOB and sphere,

These posts are really impressive ~ keep up the good work!! If you decide to post even better sketches or updates of drawings using Opposing Curves, please do so.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



i can’t see spheres

am i the only one?


NOOB, I can see sphere’s post…



I can’t see it as well:shrug:(I mean the work of sphere)


Dont worry NOOB and Mirwen - I cant see Spheres drawing for some reason also! Tried it in two seperate browsers too. Perhaps its just an “European” thing! :smiley:

I will try to get some stuff on-line in the next few days for this. Still trying to sort out how it works in my own head! :argh:


Guys, are you able to see this? (sphere’s post):




well, i didn’t get a chance to submit in round 1, but here’s my opposing curves. my reference is robertB_2_0129.jpg on 3d.sdk, which i can’t repost, but if anyone’s interested, you can at least see the thumbnail.


artemesia66 ~

thank you for posting! I look forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:



I can see it (spheres artwork) now you re-posted it. Thx Rebecca.


i see spheres now,nice attempt sphere.


Great stuff everyone.


Thanks for posting these lectures/lessons. It really breaks down the fundamentals of drawing the human form in a way that is easy (for me anyway) to follow.





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WOW!!! 3 pages already!

See rebeccak how a new area is needed. :slight_smile:

I got to get and do some.


Yep, I’m tickled pink that people are interested in this…I’m super happy the group from the first lesson is sticking around, and I really look forward to seeing new posts! :bounce:



i’ll try and crit other work,but i still don’t feel confident enough with my own work to be crittin others,so i might just leave it to the pros!

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