Rebecca Kimmel's Anatomy Review 001: GESTURE


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This is a beautiful drawing ~ please post it on the CURRENT THREAD, Anatomy Lesson 002: OPPOSING CURVES!

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Hi Rebecca,

I missed the beginning of your lessons and will post my gesture experiment results here to let them be reviewed as I had askd earlier. Thank you for having a look!





Thank you for posting these!

When the new sub-forum, “Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art” gets underway, I am hoping to have a more or less permanent “GESTURE DRAWINGS” thread, as I think Gesture Drawings have universal and timeless importance. Maybe I can review these then. :slight_smile:



RK - I would love to see your threads continue and not just die out as you move to the next lesson. I know that is asking for a LOT, but what about we peeps who are a month or two behind … or the future members who really need this, but don’t see it until October?

Just some food for thought … not trying to harass you … much.

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Wow, a post from eUUUUUUUUUUUUrope! How is the Weaaaaaaaathhhher? :wink:

Hey, CLEARLY you have not been paying attention :wise: because when the new sub-forum,
Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Artgets going sometime next week, these first two Lesson threads will be moved there, along with some other great threads:













So stop on by, and bring the 'muff!

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whoa those will make good book titles in the Rebecca Kimmel drawing course books,how much u gunna sell em for becks? :smiley: i’d buy the whole set.



You are a funny guy :slight_smile: ~Hey! What happened to your Avatar? I just noticed that it changed! :slight_smile:

Heh, we’ll see…I would love to put together an anatomy / figurative drawing book…it would be fun. Ah! Now to find a publisher! :rolleyes:

Thanks for the support NOOB ~ I expect to see you reporting bright and early when the sub-forum opens its doors! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Woo! And thanks for recruiting for the new lesson! The more, the merrier!



Addendum ~

IF I can dredge up my old notes, perhaps we can have a thread on PERSPECTIVE as well…I am super rusty, but willing to share what I know…

Vanishing points…I remember that there are Vanishing points…

Ah! My old notes and assignments!



Me? Pay attention?? Come on! You’ve seen me in class :slight_smile:

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And if you’re thinking about giving me a hard time about skimming - then I’m going to pre-defend with … I’m working on the site!!! :slight_smile:

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So…after doing the sketch for lesson three (on shading…which I really must dig on paper…)
I’m coming back to the basics.

I’m focusing on the gesture, so these are not rendered/precise.
These two are my attempts at focusing on Vilppu’s teachings.
(trying to capture the flow and going around the forms)

The first one is taken from a statue of “Neptune” by Adam Lambert.

The second one is Detail from “Baptism” by Andrea del Sarto



I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this! Would you mind posting these instead in the
Gesture Drawings - Post Your Best Gesture Drawings Here! - 2D TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL

I would like to kind of continue the dialog of Gesture Drawings there, and I have kicked around ideas for revisiting “old” Lessons, which, as you have rightly indicated by your post, should never really go away ~ but I would love for you to post your work in the thread mentioned above so that I can keep things streamlined a bit.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for revisiting “old” Lesson topics ~ a friend of mine had suggested revisiting Lesson topics on a rotating basis ~ tell me what you think.

In the meantime, just post your work in the Gesture thread, as more people will be likely to see your great work!



rebeccak: I hope this does not sound harsh but I’m a bit confused by all these threads. I felt more comfortable with a few precise lessons. That helped me to stay focused on a single problem. Anyway I agree on keeping things streamlined and I copied the post on the other thread with an update.

As for my opinion: I agree on reviewing the topics on a regular basis. Maybe it’s worth launching ‘incremental review’ topics once a week.For example One where you have to do a gesture, build on opposing curves and shade (It can be helpful if the reference or the subject was given).

Thanks for your time.


It is indeed food for thought…perhaps I went a little wacko creating all of these threads…though it has certainly been cool to see the work popping up on them.

Let me think about it and talk with Roberto, and see what we can do.

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:



Hi Rebecca. I want to thank you for making this tutorial about gesture sketching. It was because of your tutorial that I now feel that I can draw the human body in any position. My body language is more expressive, and it’s just so much easier all-round to draw a character. Thanks. :slight_smile:



Thank you for this! :slight_smile: It’s very nice of you to leave a kind comment like this. Hope to see you posting work around the forum. :slight_smile: