Rebecca Kimmel's Anatomy Review 001: GESTURE


Thank you so much rebecca for doing this I will be watching this thread and eagerly following along. I’m taking some of my first Life drawing classes and hopefully this will get me sketching in the right direction. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this.


This is great! I’ve been doing 3D for so long that my 2D skills really are in need of help. Nothing’s like going through the basics. Love the Idea.

Here’s a doodle i slapped together as to get startet.

Great initiative.

Best regards

Peter Broqvist


Thanks Rebecca. Subscribing to the thread.


This is GOLD!!

and I’m subscribing! :buttrock:


I’d love to subscribe :)! Thanks for starting this thread!


awesome thread!.thanks alot rebecca!
the whole thing is very well defined!


Thank you very much for this thread Rebecca, It’s a very good way to progress I think,
I’ll post my work soon :slight_smile:


WOW!:bounce: this thread is great! i’d love to join but i have no way to scan in drawings… :cry:
but that won’t stop me from learning a lot from this thread. bookmarked!


This is great so far! I love the way you’re focusing on gestures first, will really help later on.

Just tried out your method, it works! Will scan in a charcoal attempt later today. :thumbsup:
5 stars from me so far…


wonderfull thread. thanks for sharing :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanx for sharing your knowledge, Rebecca !
I will watch regularly this great (and necessary ) thread.

PS : your anatomical studies are AWESOME.




I am so excited, this is what I have been waiting for, time to get to work!


Wow, guys, thanks for the posts! Can’t wait to see more folks’ work, I’m really excited people are interested in participating!! This is going to be awesome…



Gotta tell you this. I recently got into 2d stuff with a real intent to learn it. This is just excellent timing. I hope I will be able to participate. I had learnt a thing or two here and there, at least I know I’m doing half of it right now. LOL and thx. :smiley:


It’s good to see something like this on cgtalk, it’s rare. Your drawings are very impressive, and for an Ilustration student such as myself it is inspirational…

I think it is great that an Illustration thread made it to front page, especially on a mainly computer graphics website. I think everyone who is really interested in this should check out some fantastic drawings are there, including many anatomy drawings… It does not focus to much on computer related topics, but the traditional drawing the techniques.

Again, awsome thread, and it will be fun to check up on updates, regularly!


I’m soo here, Dudette. A thousand blessings on your head for doing this.

A. Sakamoto



I’m in. :thumbsup:


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:slight_smile: nice, ill be coming back here for sure! great to see you here Rebecca showing your skills to the world :slight_smile:


This is a very interesting topic! While listening to Ray Charles I did a few gesture drawings

                 They are based on photos I took yesterday (you can [see one]( here ^_^).

I was just excited to draw so I did not strictly follow the guidelines, I hope it’s not too bad!. At the end of the week I’ll chose the best sketch to have it reviewed :slight_smile:

             update #1: another batch of studies (model photos from the web)
           update #2: some more... (oh lines are so unclean!)
        update #3: did you ever hear to Avantasia-The metal opera part II ? I did this while listening to it :)
       Update #4: these are the first few studies done without reference. I tried to focus on the peanut shape as suggested.

Update #5: I tried to follow the suggestion to draw not the figure but the action the figure is doing. I imagined the reaction of a man caught by sudden fire from front/below. The first two drawings are the original sketch and a tracing…I was not entirely satisfied so I produced the third drawing which I think is better. No reference used in any of these.


Update #6: a few more studies developing the idea of actions (I gave a name to the pictured action for rebecca to double check the result). Again, no reference used.


Update #7: one more pose. a man is pulling a rope. the first rendition does not have much strenght…I hope the second is better. I’ll try to enhance this gesture in a future update. No reference used.