reasonable price; selling LW 8


I was wondering if this is a reasonable price for selling my LW before I post it on ebay:

Lightwave 7.5 usb dongle/manual/software box
Inside Lightwave 6
Essentials Lightwave 7.5
1001 Tips for Lightwave
World Wide Training (2) CD’s over 10 hours of video training
Lightwave 8 upgrade 4 cd’s

selling for $900


Not when you can get XSI for $500 :smiley: Kidding but I think it may be a tough sale.


yeah i know it will be tough…
I won’t go lower than $700, or i’ll have to keep it maybe use it for some stuff i model


Im thinking of selling mine too. However, I think I will wait and see what kind of luck guys like you are having and what price you are getting before I decide if it would be worth it.

Good luck :thumbsup:


As one who is still at SIGGRAPH, I sure hope you guys devalue that license a bit more so I can buy them up.

That $500.00 for XSI is nonsense. The literature on it was clear that it was a really bad bait and switch deal. One simple example of this is that it said it was not upgradeable. No nodes. A host of things that make that $500.00 seem like a throw a way. What the package is is the download that was free with the watermark removed.
You will still pay more that $7k for XSI and bucks for shader artiststs and and and. You’ve got a good package. It can be great if one invests in one’s own greatness.


You might want to reread it or talk to someone that knows a bit about the various versions like The_Jaco on the XSI board.


You can just somehow feeling that LW has lost a lot of momentum, boxed into a corner, with one knee down and one eye shut, swinging wildly hoping to see that luck will arc its way but never arrive.


That’s very poetic.


When Alias shifted to their new price tag, I had LW6.5 and I it tried to sell it for 90.000 yens (± 800 dollars).
The best offer I got was 50.000 yens.

Since people were asking for such a low price, I sold only the software and at least kept the training material wiht me. (Class on Demand series from Dan Ablan)

I bought Maya Complete and I’m thinking about purchasing this new “plugin” called XSI Foundation.
Actually I wanted the Fprime, but I have to buy LW again. I saw XSI render region and it’s fast enough for quick render previews. I mean, much better than Maya’s own IPR render.


I nearly didn’t reply to this as I didn’t want to hijack Sebek27’s post, but as this was so far of the mark …

I have also heard that it may not be supported under the maintenance contract, but as the full cost is exactly the same as a LW upgrade, I don’t see what the problem is.
It comes with two render nodes, not as good as LW sure, but it is a quarter of the price.
The free downloadable version you are referring to is two versions behind the current one, and as well as the water mark the trial version had a very limited render size, which Foundation doesn’t.
If you are a small one man band that doesn’t need to render hair (and I don’t), why ever would you need to spend $7k on XSI ??? The $500 has already paid for itself several times over and I have only had it a few months.
And why ever would you spend “bucks” on a shader artist ?? I’d no more contemplate paying someone to create my materials for me in XSI than I would in LW.
And to finish off with a proverb like you, “There are none so blind as wont see”.

Now in fairness to Sebek27, if you want to continue this tirade of nonsense I suggest we go private with it.


You may as well keep LW if you don’t get the price you are after. After all, LW is another tool in your arsenal. I myself am considering adding another 3D app to compliment LW (not replace it as I’m sure it will remain my main app).

I always believe in keeping your assets as you never know when they could come in handy. Plus, if we are going to see those frequent updates to LW8 over the next year, there may be something in them which could be useful to you.


The no upgrade is kind of a specific issue. You can;t upgrade to say a foundation 5 version next year or whenever, but you can buy this, then upgrade to whatever the next level is for the difference between what you paid and whatever the next level selling price is.


The product manager of XSI told me that you will be able to upgrade Foundation when the next version comes out, and that it will be very cheap.

What you can’t get is maintenance, which includes upgrades.


A perfect example of why people should rethink selling off their software in haste. You never know when something good comes down the pipe and you’ll wish you still had the app.


I met SOOOOO many talented artists in LA that were worthy of awe. I saw few pieces of software that fit into that category.

As far as the XSI deal, I don’t have to re-anything on that: I saw their spec sheet at the sale, it looked bait and switch-like, and am, frankly, not interested.

Hell, I can’t tell you what the product manager of lw told me but… I’m still trying to push the cost of that crap you don’t want down, down, down: if it’s not worth much to you, no need to give you much for it.

(Snake oil salesman at work.)
Hell, I’ll give you $300.00 at the end of the month for it. And I’ll find the money for the rest of you that want to sale. My price will go down real soon, so take advantage of my offer soon.

No emoticons were used in this posting as they were deemed lw-like. Geesh, I’m gonna be silly on this one…


Some body get this guy a book deal lol :applause: pretty good why are you doing 3d?


It is upgradeable ,

It comes with 2 mr render nodes

what are those host of things you speak of that make it look like a throwaway? great animation and modelling tools?

It is a production license , meaning you can make money off of it , unlike the exp with the watermark. So i dont get the comparison.

I take it english is not your first language cause the “You will still pay more that $7k for XSI and bucks for shader artiststs and and and. You’ve got a good package. It can be great if one invests in one’s own greatness.” didnt make any sense. Why pay $7k for shader artists…wha?


Some things just can’t be figured out. Best to just click that ‘Ignore’ button and it becomes a lot easier.


What are you talking about? For 500 you get amazing modeling and animation tools and also comes with nodes. You can make money off of it and can EASILY make your profit tenfold.
What downsides could you possibly see?



You guys are funny. XSI is great. Never said it wasn’t. But I did read the paper and the limitations on that $495 were as I’ve stated: it was not upgradeable. The next package price was $1995.00.

Here’s my beef: most of YOU sound like you are marketeers, as I’ve stated in the past. I applaud you that you work with whatever software you do: I have never posted in another area or forum as a “nyah nyah nyah” post, as many of yours sound like.

I don’t want to use it. And here, as English is my first language, and abstraction isn’t a forte of yours, I shall endeavor to clarify my position.

I take it english is not your first language cause the “You will still pay more that $7k for XSI and bucks for shader artiststs and and and. You’ve got a good package. It can be great if one invests in one’s own greatness.” didnt make any sense. Why pay $7k for shader artists…wha?

As a LW artist, I am able to manage rather complex animations in my one man band. I am not a studio; to that end, I am not able to pay for TD’s, extra texture artists, modellers and shader artists. You know, renderman artistst. Nor am I willing to have to learn all (ANY) of that to get what get right now with LW. {For those who couldn’t follow the abstracted piece, it is the juxtaposition of those pieces need in a studio pipeline = more than I want to FURTHER pay for software or support to get the job done I now do with LW.}

I believe that I know LW rather well but there is a boatload more I can/will learn about it. I’m not mathematically inclined such that expressions, lscripting and plugin coding are areas to which I can further sink my roots in the trunk of the tree that is LW knowledge. {NOTE TO THE ABSTRACT LACKING: the previous package was, a support statement for the “invest in one’s own greatness” section in the quote above.}

I’m done with the needless sarcasm. Please don’t be insulting as we further ourselves in this coversation as it’s unprofessional and self-degrading.

I use LW. I spent my money to go to SIGGRAPH to see what all the hubbub was about; I saw the goods; I kept the 2K I went there to spend. None of those package had anything that I would find useful in the next year and a half. In that time, without the frustration of trying to learn a new package, without a potential loss of income because I can’t execute in my new uber package I can earn more than the price of Houdini, and then some. All because I reject these other packages the Marketeers want me to switch to.

I believe that spending that XSI-sucker-bait, C4D-gosh-it-can-do-that money that one would be better off spending it on a Dan Ablan DVD program, a Larry Schultz’ package, or any of the other brilliant free training out there. After having LW forever, I popped for Larry’s Rigging series. Such knowledge makes a difference and training oneself is paramount. [For those who aren’t following, I’m an old fogey who is reinventing his life. To that end, I needed production valued knowledge instead of teaching knowledge. If this doesn’t make sense, I will be happy to explain.]

Now, if you read this far, you might be seething. If you are, stop and ask why… That’ll be my question. Why be mad that I reject the siren call of the “latest and greatest”? That I am tired of the Marketeers coming here, in the “let’s talk about how to help each other in NewTek’s Lightwave program as professionals” area trying to tell me how much better their dope is than the one I’m on. (How’s that for the use of hyperbole? I say that to make sure it’s clear it’s not an insinuation of drug use. I really do understand the language.)

I’m waiting for 8.1. In my studies of the wealthy, I have seen that they often keep things in use for an inordinate time, not updating a thing. An independent could go broke on this alone. The wealthy keep investments for very long periods of time. I am an investor in NewTek and the entity, LightWave, they produce. I give it a keep status. {I may have confused this thread. If it’s the one where you are selling, ignore that part – Hoping to get your pm on my $300.00 offer. :rolleyes:}
It’s not blinders I wear but dollar signs. :stuck_out_tongue: