RearLight trail at 175km/h ? Doable?


Hi guys,

Ok i am trying to recrate the kind of red trail you see behind overexposed pictures of cars driving by.

This is for an animatic playblast…so i can’t render anything.

The bike is riding at 175km/h…
I tried having the rear light emit sprites. the problem is that my trail of sprite is being cut at regular pace. It’s not a nice continuous red line.

Also i try to have the trail move slowly and flow nicely when the nbike turnsand jumps, but it seems to be really “hectic” and looks too rigid.

i played with all kinds of attributes…but still…nothing to do…(conserve, inherit velocity…)

Now i am trying to that effect with a cube being driven by rigid bodies…basing myself on the “Dynamic Cable” tutorial.

But tweaking those springs…hmmm at that speed…just doesn’t work fine for me.

Would anyone of you have a suggestion please?

I would really be greatful,

Thanks guys



This is most certainly something you should do in post. After Effects or Shake should have just the plugin you are looking for.

Aside from that, there are a few post brushes in paint FX, but if you have access to AFX/Shake, then that is totally the way to go.


I second that RhoneDog


To make things worse, that effect can´t be done in 3D since it doesn´t happen in the 3D world, it occurs in the lense of the camera. I say this because, if you make it in 3D (via particles or whatever you want), if you rotate the camera, the effect will be the same in 3D, but it should be diferent in camera space.

Hope it helped.


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