Reaper style model



I’d like some help on how to make a ‘particle-ized’ reaper… a reaper that floats, not uncessarily the weapon but most important is the way it floats…how do I produce that in Maya 3D?

Its like very faint mist kinda…particle-like effect…

Anything would help!!!

Need this for my university assignment so I would be very very very grateful if I can get help asap.

Thanks in advance!



You could tackle it in a range of ways - Im also studying at uni so im by no means the most informed artist but I would look into either…

a) Model the reaper like a normal mesh and then use it as a container for particles (could be very time consuming going by my own tinkering)

b) Again, model the entire thing, and then give it the ghostly look in AfterEffects/nuke/your chosen post-production software.

Going by discussions with my tutors it is possible to animate a normal map, so perhaps if you were able to rustle up a cloudy texture, make a normal map of it, and animate it that way. I say this because i imagine option (A) would not give you the definition you’d want in the characters form, and a normal map would interact with the lighting and give the necessary shadows.

Though i do want to make it clear these are things which i’ve only considered doing theoretically, would help if someone could validate whether any are possible/worth pursuing.



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