Reaper Robot, Gl_spear (3D)


Very Cool! I love it. I too would love to see some kind of evil scyth.

Awesome stuff!


really cool. Looking forward to those updates too.


Great character!!! Really good !!! :bounce: :bounce:


that really is quite fine… good job


Wacky! Wonderful! Nothing more to add.


Good stuff.



Very impressed with the level of detail in this character, I really like the subtle way you handled the texturing. My only crit would be to spend some more time on the face, give it the same kinda love you did with the rest on the body. Very nice

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Thanks all for the comments, I’ll be updating the Reaper bot soon, especially with regards to the skull. I’ll have an update here asap :wink:


Reaper robot,

That model is sickening and the textures really juice me up to the max. One quam though; the website. It’s a little difficullt to navigate when the whole website is the cursor. I’d like to see your other WIPs. Lemme know if theres another way to browse your work. :surprised


Actually I didn’t find your site hard to navigate, but I don’t really like the box on the line cursor system. It is annoying having a virtical line threw what im reading.

If you like the system and want to keep it can I suggest making it visible over the close button for the pictures (that threw me for a sec.)

Also on each picture add a next/prev button so the user doesn’t have to close an existing pic and then open another.

But I like your work… working on a knight myself (see avatar been like that for 5 months :slight_smile: )


cool model. I want to see him animated.:wip:
alhtough i think his one eye makes him look less creepy than if he had two holes.
I like I like


Very nice, my new Projekt is also an Mechwarrior. But I’m fare away from that.

But i think the Reaperrobot need a Weapon.

Greats Aderith


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