Reaper Robot, Gl_spear (3D)


Great work and nice subtle but effective surfacing. :beer:




Absolutely beautiful.

My only crit is that the nasal cavity looks thrown together in a hurry, may want to work on the anatomy there.


totally insane man!


its this already rigged. do you plan on animating it. it would make some really interesting animations. what about textures to you plan on textureing.


I value originality over anything. Much respect on your great idea!:beer:


Very cool, innovative and orignial. Really cool work.


Awesome job. Love the design! Lightwave’s render engine never cease to amaze me… ::sigh:: If only they could make a standalone version :buttrock:


I like the idea but what did he die of?

His skull looks a little too perfect, not scared or skratched or anything like that.

Maybe he died of biological warfare I don’t know.

He reminds me of a Starcraft unit… but more dead.

Good job all the same.


What you have is great so far, just congrats on a job well done. I’ll wait untal after the update to post my crits, if they still apply.


great job on the modeling. I cant wait to see the changes that you aremaking to the hands. Keep up the great work!!!:buttrock: :buttrock:


Can we see a wire?

I love the model.


Cool, I think the only changes that you should make is to light the lower half a little better, take off that chain that is hanging from its chest, and it might be cool if you put a nice blue or red glow in its eyes.



Exellent work, seriously reminds me of the Chaos Marine Juggernauts and Terminators from Warhammer 40K. Maybe your inspiration?


as i have said before: awesome! the new render is great :thumbsup: it would probably make a good WALLPAPER wink wink :wink: pleeeaaase




great design


Nice robot, but:

  1. the skull somewhat looks out of place (maybe a nose hole could be smaller - i’m not an expert on anatomy). and it also looks like center vertexes wasn’t welded after modellind (the skull has a vertical cut in the middle of the face).

  2. the texture of legs - the legs look too identical - it has rust and scraches in the same places :hmm:

and totally rusted and stained scythe would look good :slight_smile:


Wow, so coool. :applause:
Please post this guy with different lighting setups, so that you can see the details of the legs :thumbsup:


Nice model

I have only seen one comment about the seam in the skull, to me, it is quite apparent and I think you must fix it, that just says cutting corners/ran out of time

Also, I think the model/textures could use more contrast, nothing seems to really stand out to me on the model, the face should stand out a lot more

You need to add way more detail on the skull and make it more anatomically correct, I think he needs to look more menacing personally

Hope these are helpful crits or atleast get you looking at some new possiblities for this model