RealtimeUK game cinematic - Stormbirds


Amazing and brilliant !


Sick Nasty. I likes :thumbsup:
some audio would make it killer great job guys.


That was awesome, you could tell you guys were having fun blowing up stuff :slight_smile:

Btw. that is something I would like to know as well.



Congrats to everyone involved at Realtime! Short project length + small number of staff with amazing results! Wow!


WWWOOOOOOWWW I love it. tears of joy.


This is…man…awesome and blew my mind while watching.

You guys did the trick in even 3 months? Whoohoo. :beer:



great job.:bowdown: I loved these scenes. It look very interesting.:applause:


Freaking awesome! :bowdown:


Nice video. The game itself seems to be cancelled though, according to this CV:


looking fantastic.



Wow, Awsome works guys!


…like some one already said. you guys are the UK version of Blur.

…that was sick!. LOVE THE WORK!.


Really good that we can show this at last :smiley:


Absolutely fantastic work… Everything looks gorgeous.

Hats off all round!

The only thing I would say is that your website(s) really don’t do your current portfolio justice.


Oh my god…
it’s incredible!!!
How many people did it ?
And how many timas did you spend for it ?
it’s so cool…sooo real :eek:
I’ve reviewed it several timas right away… :bowdown: .


Very nice indeed. Felt like i was watching a movie :drool: .

The only missing thing was music, but I guess it wasn’t your job to do it.


O O O O O O r r r some!! :beer:

Fantastic scenery and some great new concepts on fighter jets! Love the colours and destruction!


I would also love to know.


It says right under the first post that Studio Max and Vue were used.


congratulation cool works Almost like almost big explosion from rocket :cool: