RealtimeUK game cinematic - Stormbirds


Here’s our latest cinematic, was a lot of fun to make, building fighter jets & blowing stuff up :slight_smile:

View Stormbirds Movie

Screengrabs (click on image for larger version):

Concept Art:

Duration: 3 months
Team: 8 artists
Software: 3dsMax, Vray, Vue, Afterburn

Hope you enjoy, any feedback most welcome!


Here’s some breakdowns (Click for larger image):

And some asset renders:





very very nice…

5 *****

good luck…


yeah finally ! :buttrock:


AMAZING STUFF… I love it. Nice, dynamic shots, great ideas… well done RTUK!!


These are realy good!!! congrats on the artists involved!!!


love the environments and particles job, good work everyone!



Woooo, Glad we can finally show this:beer:


Very tempting. I want to play the game!


Frontpage worthy - beautiful work steven and the crew! Such attention to detail!
Never heard of you fellas before - definitely one to add to the list when sending out my reel/cv :stuck_out_tongue:

If there’s one gripe, its that the ambient sfx seem lacking and this is crying out for a music track.


Yeah music track desperately needed! :slight_smile:
Other than that 5/5. Totally way awesome. My socks have been rocked off. I would love to see some more material on how you did all the particle effects :slight_smile:


Nice one guys.
Some crazy Fumefx/Afterburn going on in there


Edit: No Fumefx???


No FumeFX on this one. Just AfterBurn throughout. We used FumeFX on Juiced2, but this time for speed and simplicity Max Particles and AfterBurn was the prefered choice.

I’ll see if I can get our T.D. to post some info on the particles if he’s not too busy:)



u guys are the British answer to Blur Studios. i always loved ur work.


Oo’ !!!


Nothing to say except congratulations !!
The particles stuff blow my @## away ! ^^


Wow this was mindblowing! 5* Absolutely amazing!


All of us were wow’d by this when we got shown it in the office. A few seconds of silence then, “again, again!” Loved it then and I love it now.

I was on the team @ THQ creating the original low-poly planes, and the Realtime versions just blew them away! Realtime were constantly communicating and providing updates along the way. Need a game intro? You need RealtimeUK :bowdown:


Beautiful work! Love the aircraft, the particles, and the camera work. What program(s) did you use in this production, particularly to create the environments? Was Vue used at all?


Great work!