Realtime-Rendered Series Project „Aurum“


Hello there everyone!

I’ve been watching the forums for quite some time now - many amazing artists in here.
K would like to show you a trailer for a realtim-rendered sci-fi project I have been working on. It‘s shot entirely on
greenscreen using Unity to render the backgrounds in realtime.


Any feedback is much appreciated!


Really cool that you are compositing greenscreen over Unity backgrounds in realtime. Would be neat to see any video showing the raw footage and it being combined. I’m sure one of the more difficult tasks is getting the lighting to match from the live action to the CG


Thanks a lot! It was huge fun to do it.
Yeah, the lighting was the biggest problem together with the floor interaction if the floor wasnt flat. Because it was realtime, we could change 3d lighting as quick or quicker as the stage light until we got it right though.
Our setup was simple and I could always see what the later composit looked like live on set.


If anyone’s interested in a closer look at the compositing process, here’s a little BTS for that:


I’m currently working on a “remastered” version. It’s good fun and a great learning project too.


There’s also another small video that illustrates how the “throne” model was made and all integrated into the workflow.



We finally finished an updated version for the project trailer together with a complete pilot episode of 55 mins.