Realtime 2K player/editor multiplatform


Hello Im starting to write a program do do daylies at our studio, and I would like to hear suggestions regarding on-line libraries and hardware acceleration. This system will have both direct harddrive reading and RAM cash playback. I think that alot of people might get interested in this sort of product, especially for free!!!

So far I have every single bit laid down on paper, excel files, charts, so its time to start coding, but the choices made as far as choosing libraries and different ways of reading are made in the beginning - so here we go

First I would like to know what would be the best library to use for this program? I ended up using GLUT to do all the winowing set-up. But Im not sure I can do a good event loop with it.

Second, I know programs like Nucoda, Baselight, Quantel iQ and all other highend realtime editors/color correctors requre you to use Quadro FX4500, what features does this card have to be able to play a resize 2K image in realtime. What would be a display routine to do this fast.

What is used to tweak colors of an image in realtime (I assume it again has something to do with Quadro FX series)

What would be the best/fastest way to access files from the raid?

Are the libraries for reading DPX/CIN ?

Also are there any benefits in Quadro FX to work with LOG color? And are there any docs, tutorials on how to run them trough LUTs?

I know there are a lot of questions, so if you can help with it I’d really appreciate it


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