Realms of Valhallon: Age of Campaigns - (Recruiting)


 To Our Fellow Game Developers,
     The [u][b][Realms of Valhallon]([/b][/u] team at [[u][b]Ruccus Productions[/b][/u]]( is looking for talented designers, engineers, writers and artists for a Source SDK project entitled, [i]Realms of Valhallon: Age of Campaigns[/i], an upcoming action title set in a fictitious classical-medieval world, known as [i]Valhallon[/i]. There are over fifty involved individuals with the two projects, including business and art, media, and game industry professionals as well as amateurs and we are now looking to solidify the teams under the current Division Leads as well as hire a few new leads for other Divisions. More information on Campaigns as well as its commercial Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game follow-up project, [i]Realms of Valhallon: Age of Nations[/i], can be found at:
     We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

[li]Art Design - Concept Artists, Sculptors, Graphic Artists[/li][li]Animation - Keyframe Animators, Motion Capture Actors, Martial Artists, Weapon/Armor Professionals, Animation Coders[/li][li]Content Development - Game Designers[/li][li]Engine Coding - ECoding Lead, DirectX, Shader, and Source Engine Specialists[/li][li]Game Coding - C++ Programmers[/li][li] Modeling - Character Modeling Lead, Terrain (Mapping) Modeling Lead, NPC Modeling Lead, Modelers, Texturers (standard, normal, and relief)[/li][li]Music - Instrumental Musicians, Chorale Performers[/li][li] Networking - Network Coding Specialists[/li][li] Sound Design - Sound Designers, Sound Engineers[/li][li] Storyline - Writers, Poets, Lyricists[/li][/ul]If you feel that you have something to offer the RoV team or have any questions about the project, email us at:

     (Desired Information from applicants can be found at [i][](http://%5Burl=%22[/i])
     Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


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