Really slow file loading over a network.


Ive a set of files that I want to render over my 1GB network on a slave machine not using TR just remote desktop. I’ve done this many times without problems. However these have a couple of large xref files that they need to load in otherwise each file would be easily 3GB if I was to keep all the objects in file rather than xref. But trying to load them over the network is painfully slow - like 30-40mins slow. Network speed reckons its only about 5-6mbps. Direct transfer speed is usually about 110mbps so C4D is making hard work of it but 40mins is too long to be waiting and I cant imagine large studios would put up with this bottleneck. Is there anything I can check or do to help C4D load the xrefs in faster? R17 Studio. Thanks

The Xrefs are stored on an SSD so should be fast enough and loads much quicker by comparison on the local machine.


megabit per second or megabyte per second? what hardware is the serving machine, a full computer or a NAS drive?


Whatever task manager is when it lists Mbps for speed.

Its reading from a full workstation which is being used at the same time. But other files dont seem to have the same scale of problem. The opening of the xref files seems to be disproportionate to the size of the files by quite a margin.

Just thinking, I will check the xrefs for any missing tex to see if that makes a difference. I also usually direct link textures these days so will cull the tex paths as well.


Hello, did you resolve your problem ? we have the same case with one of our C4D files wich has 3 Xrefs :confused


I’m not sure why, but this has been a problem for a long time now. C4D doesn’t like loading any files over a network. The problem is only made worse when you add autosaving into the mix. My suggestion would be (as part of your normal pre-render checklist) to bake everything down and bring all xrefs back into the project. Makes for larger files but you’ll see much better load/save times.