**Reality Check**


Some of you may know that the collab projects we’ve been running have had assistance from major artists from around the globe. One of these talented artists is Fabrizio Bortolussi who has been collaborating with us on creature sculpting for VFX02.

What you might not know is that Fabrizio is located in Japan and travels between Japan/Italy/USA for work. I hadn’t heard from him since the disaster in Japan happened and was thinking he had already left for LosAngeles to work on creature design for a film.

Last night I received an email from him that gave me shock and pause for a reality check.

Below is an excerpt from his message>

[B]"As you probably know, Japan has witnessed a cataclysm of biblical scale.
First the massive 8,9 earthquake, then the devastating tsunami and now the incoming nuclear meltdown.

Toxic clouds are spreading up and getting bigger and bigger.
Radioactivity in Tokyo is more than 10 times than normal which is still a safe percentage but if there is a meltdown…it’s gonna be hell.

All of my friends are freaking out, some are disappeared…I need to help many people and go north to look for my woman’s family even if this will mean getting radioactive exposure.

Hopefully things will get better very soon as I’m planning to take as much people as I can to Italy. I will keep you posted and my apologizes for suspending your design. I promise you I will complete it as soon as everything’s fine. My word.

Much love,
Fab "

After reading this I thought, " While I was going about business as usual, he was in the middle of the disaster and about to set out searching for missing family members.

Sure I hear the news and like many of you also are likely doing, we’re sending support to larger, organized efforts giving relief to disaster victims…BUT…I can’t imagine what he and the rest in Japan are going through…on top of this he’s concerned about not being able to continue work with the project!!!" . I have a HUGE lump in my throat.

He hasn’t asked for anything…I don’t know if he will be able to keep communicating, but some of us are organizing funds to send directly for him to use for whatever he needs in the efforts he is making to help his family and friends.
As soon as I know he can access his Paypal I’ll update.
In the meantime, if you feel you can manage to set a few dollars aside and have it ready to send, do it! If anyone else has other suggestions on what to do, let me know.

From what I know about Fabrizio, he’s a strong, tough individual and he will come out of this in one piece with as many others as he can rescue.



I hope his family & friends will be safe .

My thoughts are with him !

The collaboration process is all about HEART to me . Its all about what the artist can achieve outside the work process and becomes a different kind of animal .

It takes a very understanding artist to get the collab process .

Its give and take , patience from both sides

Work , Family , comes first . Always .

This must be a very stressful time for him

Fabrizio sounds like a really strong chap with a lot of Heart to me & his priorities now focused on this one thing family/friends,as of course it should be .

I hope we are able to get a update soon .

Thankyou for this very IMPORTANT post, SD !



Thanks for adding your voice Darran.

No word so far, but this is the latest news on the nuclear threat.

Engineers have restored electricity to three reactors at the Fukushima complex, 150 miles north of Tokyo, and hope to soon test water pumps there to reverse the overheating that has triggered the world’s worst nuclear crisis in 25 years.

The Japanese government says the March 11 earthquake and tsunami left more than 21,000 people dead or missing and will cost the economy some $250 billion in damages. …

Early Monday, the Health Ministry advised Iitate, a village of 6,000 people about 19 miles northwest of the Fukushima plant, not to drink tap water due to elevated levels of iodine. Ministry spokesman Takayuki Matsuda said iodine three times the normal level was detected there — about one twenty-sixth of the level of a chest X-ray in one liter of water.

In all cases, the government said the radiation levels were too small to pose an immediate health risk.

But Tsugumi Hasegawa was skeptical as she cared for her 4-year-old daughter at a shelter in a gymnasium crammed with 1,400 people about 50 miles from the plant.

“I still have no idea what the numbers they are giving about radiation levels mean. It’s all so confusing,” said Hasegawa, 29, from the small town of Futuba in the shadow of the nuclear complex. “And I wonder if they aren’t playing down the dangers to keep us from panicking. I don’t know who to trust.”

Their food is also contaminated…imagine having a family…children…and you can’t get food and water… add the constant stress thinking of them getting irradiated.

They are going to need help now and long after this is over.

The Tsunami also has left a massive destruction>

If that doesn’t move us to do something, consider…No place on earth seems immune to radical changes happening…you and I could be the ones needing help next.

**I realize this is not collab related, other than Fabrizio being associated with our team and stuck in the middle of all of the mayhem…so apologies if anyone is upset…will try to not post more general news on the situation as people can check the news updates themselves…


Just received an email for Fab…below is an excerpt of what he is experiencing today>

I’m trying to help as many people as I can …but it’s getting worse day by day since they keep discovering new victims.

Also, I recently discovered that a friend of mine died inside the tsunami.

Right now I’m in the north helping homeless people providing them food, beverages and medical support…

…some cities are completely dead. Believe me when I tell you that some cities look post-apocalyptic… Desolation, dead silence and the air smells toxic.

Tokyo is half deserted since 4 million people already left (almost a third of the entire population).

I cannot accept that this happened…

If you are able to send a small donation to help it seems he is able to get transfers from his paypal user ID filmsareforever AT hotmail.it and is using it to buy radiation gear and other supplies…if you can help out a bit, you can go to Paypal and send to filmsareforever AT hotmail.it


We’re all real devastated by what’s happening in Japan and wish for all those affected a speedy recovery and condolences for their losses. However, there are other social sites for addressing global tragedies. Sorry, CGTalk isn’t the place.