Realistic plastic render 3dsmax 2010


Hi, I’d like to make a render that seems plastic like:

Can be done with scanline render?
how can i setup the material?
i have seen post about this, but i obtain something like silver instead of plastic.


Any reason for not using mental ray? Fairly easy to set up there.


You need lightning like that, or material?
As I see, that material is just some sort of gray… nothing else.

If you want to achieve similar lightning (with diffuse shadows) in scanline, you can try E-light script.


I’m not able to setup material or light, mental ray should be fine also.
my result not seem plastic


It would be better if you showed us what you got, and told exactly what it is that you’re missing.

But to recreate the images in your OP, you can try following the below:
With MR, have final gather turned on, and just place an mr area spotlight to the side and above, set it to have mr area shadows and make it pretty big in size (area light parameters). You might want to add a few of these lights around with varying intensity. Keep it simple though, two or three is probably enough. Google and learn 3-point lighting. The shader might look better with some SSS (sub-surface scattering), google how to use that for mental ray.

A better light to use might be a portal light, with a custom source being a kelvin temperature map set to neutral (6500k) or slightly warmer like 6000K for the key light, and slightly colder like 7000K for the rim light.


Thanks for all response. I’ve tried with your suggestions. This is what I’m trying to achieve

and this is what I can do…
I’ve tried with higher light to have the white spots in some piece of the mini with bad results,
changed material to plastic/vynil the mini seems silver…
and the color is not the same