realistic glowing eyes


What is the best way to make realistic glowing lights? For example: look at a light and see the subtle glow around it? This is what I am trying to achieve. I am creating glowing eyes for my robotic mechanism.
The programs I am using are 3ds Studio MAX version 6 and Photoshop CS, any tips on this subject?


Do it in post. Make a filled-shape object and make it the color of the glow you want. Then put the compositing mode for that shape in Additive and adjust the feather of the edges so that it’s a soft glow look. You could also simply put a Glow effect on the eyes using masks and a separate layer, but Glow just give you big highlights, I don’t think that’s what you’re really looking for.

If you need something physically accurate, you will have to go with some sort of volumetric fog in a 3D program which will be very time consuming for renders and tweaking.


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