Realistic female head


Crits needed


Heres the latest update:


EDIT: nevermind, theres a picture now.

anyway… i can’t tell so much from the ortho-front and zoomy-persp shots… perhaps more angles and a bigger focal length.

as of now though, the lips look good, but something about the upper part of the face looks kind of man-ish… perhaps the brow?

pretty good so far!


Good start. Could we see a profile?

The forehead seems to be a bit flat and the overall top of the skull is a bit too large.


Phew…Just finished placing the individual eyelashes (my life sucks!)

I’ll post some more views for you guys in a bit.


Is this view better?


Heres a render test. Still quite a bit to do.


a lot better, actually. i mean, its still hard to see what she could look like since she has no hair, but its better. can i see a profile view? it looks like the back upper skull isn’t rounded enough or is too small.


cheers wgeddes, I pulled back the brow as you suggested. I’ll post a profile and some wires later.

For now heres a render with some SSS.


Nice work here…

it seems the ears need a little more work. it seems seperated from the face :slight_smile:


yea, I agree with the ears, the part closest to the inner ear canal actually is right into the form of the jaw line. What I mean is, you have a slight ring around the ear which shouldnt be there. Otherwise impressive work you have =)


Very Nice !:thumbsup:
I only think you could leave his model with more feminine lines…


think the tops or the ears are to flat.
the nasal area needs some work.
and the dip between nose and top lip needs a little work.
other than that its looking very nice bud.



I’ve rounded the tops of the ears and adjusted their placement.

Tweaked the nose a bit.

Refined the skull shape.

Thanks for the help. Keep those crits comin’ :slight_smile:


I’ve started working on the bump map. Just the lips at the moment.


No crits? Well here’s the latest. Updated ears, eyelash, nose, and eyebrows.


The ear is too far back. The jawline also extends a little too far. The texture looks pretty good, but you might want to add some freckles, dimples, a scar, or a mole or something to break it up a little bit.



i’d second that…but i’d have to look at a side view to be fair…also seem a little small…but this might be more a personal thing than anatomically correct.

definitely improved since i last looked…the nose area and lip area for the better imho…good work…keep it up.


my opinion is that serious but realistic if to remarcar a little but the eyebrows, except for that reason demas this enough good


Cheers guys, I’ve moved the ear and jaw forward and started the hair opacity mapping…hair is hard :slight_smile:


GODDAMMIT!!! Why do my imagelinks always die!!

Sorry guys, heres the link