"realistic" character modeling


It’s gotten to the point that nearly every character I see modeled in these forums is
1.) female
2.) fantastically mis-proportioned in the upper torso region
3.) cute as a button

Now a lot of posters here are amazingly good at what they do, and some do break the bounds of playboy-quality modeling. I just would like to see some variety. A few unattractive, overweight people with receding hairlines for once. They can be fun to model too, you know.


You’re true it would be better :wink: But that the creativity issue :thumbsup:


go for it.


I’m wondering if it’s so much of a creativity thing as it is a “oh boy I can model a naked girl” thing.

I don’t think there’s less inherent challenge to modeling a homely person as opposed to an attractive one.


welcome to the squad Orange

put some stuff out there so that ppl see that ppl want more “realistic dimensions”… i certainly do

also you might want to check out spiraloid
some nice character work in there

or visualboo

hehe we need more ppl from rochester in here


what never who would model a fat person. how proposperous of an idea.

i tell you it will never catch on.


Well, I think it boils down to what most of the people here are. Male, and interested in females. That’s pretty much it, IMO. But I do see your point.

I personally don’t mind people posting their human anatomy work , as long as it serves a purpose. IMO, I highly doubt most studios today will have the need to model, and texture certain female anatomy parts. But I have seen that throughout these, and other forums. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do this, but I find it odd that is what some people focus on, instead of the full figure.

In retrospect though, I think I’ve only seen two or three people model the penis on a male character.

Strange world we live in eh?



Engleman takes a laptop and a copy of Max to life drawing sessions and works from observation. Doesn’t get much more real than that. He had some other great studies on his old site, but they seem to have been lost in the upgrade.

Over the years I have learned that, as an artist, it is much more rewarding to create the kinds of pictures I want to see, than it is to complain about the ones I don’t.


if you think from the other way around, most of the ppl are opposite.

1.) male.
2.) ordinary city lifestyle having either over skinny or fat torso.
3.) cute as a balloon.

We make whatever we don’t have; we make whatever we dream about.


Why model females at all?


I only model creatures that reproduce asexually.


why? (I’m there 3/4s of the year. Are you at Uni there or working?)

Damn this thread! I’ve just spent a couple of weeks making a female. I’m hoping she doesn’t turn out to misproportionate, but it can be kinda hard to avoid. ;D

But anyway, making a female seems to be a bit of a right of passage for cgers, as a cars, and crazy monsters. For all that people complain about the stereotypicalness (is that even a word?) of games, we all seem to fall into the same patterns as those with their hands tied by money, even though as hobbyists (in so far as the work posted on this forum is usually not done for commercial purposes, even if the maker is a pro), we have the freedom to do whatever we wish.


If you want it so badly do it yourself. Stop asking other people to do things you want. It’s something everyone has noticed and you aren’t telling anybody anything new. I know my designs are how they are because of how I envision the character. If he’s a powerful gladiator, he’ll be big and strong (need to fix that on my model), if she’s a beautiful seductress, she’ll have some serious curves. If he’s a big mob boss, chances are I’d make him pretty large. I don’t see why everyone demands seeing unattractive, overweight people. If there’s a need for it, it’ll happen.


I was addressing to the poster. If you dislike seeing well proportioned female models. Why model female models at all?

Surely there are many many other things you can do.


I spend my whole work day modeling the average person. No way in HELL am I going to come home and do that on my own time.


It’s much more fun to model things that are out there. Super strong guys, super skinny monsters, super curvy chicks, or super fat chicks (like hawkprey’s concept).

Good enough logic for me.


I was being silly. This topic has been beaten to a frothy jelly around here.


Things I would like to second:

As it has been said before in the last 900 threads about this topic, people create things that they like or things that inspire them, and with that said, I don’t think too many people gather inspiration from seeing an overweight person. As for me, I don’t get inpsired from underweight disproportionate people with nice bodies either, but apparently others do. And thats fine.

An “average” or “overweight” person might inspire me to run around the block a few times. But not go home and make one in the CG world. But as I quoted above, if you want to see some, then make some. Even if you’ve never done it before and you think you might suck at it, asking other people to do it won’t make you any better.

Sorry if I’m coming off as being harsh or an a**hole, but I’m sick of hearing people complain about seeing the same thing everywhere. I love seeing the same thing everywhere. The more Anime style babes with flame hair and huge breasts that I see = the more “not so creative” people that I have to compete with. Those aren’t bad odds for me.

-Tom N.

P.S. Look at Stahlbergs work. Many of his works have female models in them, mostly very attractive females. He’s done pretty good for himself…


Great point!

Besides, I have never had the urge to model anything conforming to current “ideals” myself… what I’m saying is basically “to each, his own” - as long as there is progress, there is hope.


Well, here are reasons why I like to model thin to average people.

  1. Easier to get accurate and realistic results.
  2. Easier to add muscle definition.
  3. Easier to place bones
  4. I myself am the same body type.

Is it hip to be obesit now? I don’t get it. :shrug: