realistic alien


Hello all.

I don’t usually post any of my 2d art work.
This peice took me roughly 2 or so days to complete. Its an alien picture I am going to be putting in my portfolio.

It is not a photograph, for those who might think so.

any comments are welcome.



what??? it took you 2 days to compete???:surprised


Waaar gaat dat nou over…
whats that all about…



Whoa! Nice job dude! That’s better than most pieces I’ve seen on this forum yet. I love your use of color, great contrast. I think it could use a bit more detail… But other than that, don’t touch it!

btw, what program did you use? Photoshop? PSP?

4.5/5 stars


This is a great picture… obviously this guy is the Leonardo of stick figure drawings. Can you see the intesity on the aliens face, and the great textured shading?? I think that pictures like this are inspiring to all, young and old… keep up the good work!! :beer:



:eek: Holy cow, this is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder if I even have a chance in CG!

Super work!


BRILLIANT!!! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


thanx all,

yes I must admit… it took a long time to finish. but then I kept telling myself… “go on… go on!” and the finishing result was very rewarding.

thanx eveyone fore the kind comments.


since this is the WIP forum could you show us beginners teh steps that showed exactly how you reached the final photograph… i’m sorry, 2D image?

it’s quite confusing.


LOL - I’d like to give you five stars, but somehow that option has gone in your thread


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Its always nice to have warm comments!

heres a wireframe for you guys. I forgot to tell you It was created in maya and textured in photoshop.



Im a recruiting agent from Weta Digital. We need some with your vision and skills for LOTR 3. Please let me know if you are avaible for work.


Sorry guys, I’m going to be a killjoy, you’re breaking the rules.

Thread locked.