Realism: bolts





you sure this is 3D? if so, this is one of the most realistic 3D pics i’ve seen:)


omg, awesome work!
especially on the dof!

software?? wires?? please show more details!

(a big render can be good too):thumbsup:


very impressive work
good job :beer:


how did you do thise threads…? do you happent to know any tutorials…? and btw veery nice work!


Yes its great but id like to see wire…;):buttrock:


lol. i’m not going to believe this is 3d without seeing wires :wink: and take this as a compliment if this is really a render :smiley:


its so realistic and i also wont believe it until i see a wire.


We need a wire, if this is 3D i am very amazed! :slight_smile: If so keep up the good work.


His 3d portfolio backs up his skill, so I do not doubt it. However, did you use a helix for the threads? They look some what rounded. They don’t have a sharp edge to the threads. Could just be the render.

Definitely post the wires and software/renderer

  • Very nice work!
  • Somehow the grain in the reflections seems a bit much, but I like it.
  • The edge of the image (bottom) seems a little too blurry.
  • Overall it is amazing.


Good shader work. Wires? Info on the package?


next time i’ll post a photo of somethin too :slight_smile:

absolutly great this render… looks absolutly realistic! i’m overwhelmed


I thought this was a photo too, but I do see hints of the Kitchen HDR in the reflections, is that what you used? Nice job


nice… :bounce: :bounce: unbelievable


whoa thats looks prettry real


show me wire mode and i will believe :bounce:


mmmm, wireframe please.
It’s really real but I won’t believe it until I see your wire.



it looks 3d to me. looks nice, but its still 3d.

stop whining for a wireframe. just enjoy the work


show the damn wireframe.

good quality 3d but bad quality render a hell of a lot of noise.
duno where its comin from but its got to go.

Could be compresed image aswel. fix up