Realflow - Simulating a Blood Head Injury or Sweat



I’m trying to simulate a liquid flowing through the head like blood or sweat.
You can see an illustration in this link:

As said, the viscous does not seem to work.
Is there another settings/parameter for this kind of effect?
Thank you for looking at it.


you would need sticky and friction on the geomety, high surface tension and way more resolution. Also check the scale of the scne if you use natural unit daemons like gravity…


Here’s a basic setup that might help get you started. I’m using an image emitter controlled by a noise shader to get a more varied liquid flow, among other things.

Blood drip on head


Thanks for the response ugly kids and frizz

Based on the inputs above and testing, the main parameters to adjust is sticky, friction and high surface tension (I mean ridiculously high, I need to have to reach to 200). Needless to say, the speed should also be slow.

Thanks again Frizz2112. Nice catch on the sheeter daemon. Never knew that such feature existed.