realFlow problem - cant load *.bin


hey everyone, I wasn’t sure where to post this as realflow doesn’t have a specific forum, so I hope animation forum is okay, as simulations are animations too.

I’m using realFlow 2012, while building my mesh I receive the following error message:

“>[9/March/2013 14:52:22] - WARNING: Can’t load file E:/study/semester 5/dynamics/New folder/CandyBar/meshes/ParticleMesh_RK01_00064.bin.”

this message repeated for every frame of my simulation.

it makes sense, as I looked in the appropriate folder and there was no such file.
I already simulated the particles and I can scrub through the simulation, so I’ve no idea why the *.bin files weren’t exported.

any ideas on the matter?
thanks in advance.


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