RealFlow | Cinema 4D v2.5


This looks to be a decent update. The new vertex maps in particular will add a lot of functionality, and the “improved overall robustness” is welcome/ needed.

RealFlow | Cinema4D 2.5


They have a launch webinar on the 15th that could be interesting to watch.
Cheers / Alex


I was planning on watching it live but that’s a pretty rough time for those of us in the US. :slight_smile: I’m sure they’ll post it afterward though. It’s good to see that they are continuing to improve this product. RF|C4D is still pretty far ahead of XParticles in the quality and speed of its liquid sims, but with Insydium coming on strong, it will be interesting to see how those two products develop over the next couple of years.


In case anyone was interested, this webinar has been rescheduled to March 27. Version 2.5 is available now as a free update if you already own version 2.0. I’ve been testing out the beta version for the past week, and it seems to be a solid little update. By far the best of the new features are the mesher channels/ vertex maps for speed, vorticity, age and weight, which make effects like fluid color mixing possible among many other things. This release does seem more stable than v 2.0 although I have been able to crash it a couple of times. I hope they continue to push this product forward.