RealFlow 2013 sneak peek videos


RealFlow 2013 will be released with new HYBRIDO solver. This solver has been created from scratch in order to replace the current one. In the videos you can see that is a pretty fast solver and gives a natural and realistic fluid simulations.

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This really looks fantastic!

(If only the price would come down a bit also, so I have tocontinue to dream about it…)


Very impressive, though it is kind of odd that they are already completely rewriting the hybrido solver. Didn’t it just come out?


NextLimit have recently created a CFD software called XFlow for industrial/automotive/aerospace use. Maybe this new Hybrido 2 technology is the CFD technology/physically accurate particle based solver transferred over from XFlow:


Looks super cool, unfortuantly we don’t have the computer power to make good use of this at my work.


We had been using RealFlow for a while here at our studio but then switched to Naiad …

Mostly because of its incredible level of resolution+computational power. You do not need super computers to get simulations in the 10s of millions.

A 62 hours realflow sim was handled at 10 times the resolution in 6 hours by Naiad…

I recently met with a Realflow representative which told me that they were well aware of the differences and that the new version of Realflow will incorporate a new Hybrido engine based on the same solver that is used in Naiad’s case (I think it is the FLIP solver).

If you look at the Realflow vimeo videos you can see that they are using i7s and that the particle count is extraordinary. It is the same as Naiad’s.

Here’s our bottom line: We own several Realflow licenses. We purchased Naiad and were blown away by it… yet, with the improvements in Realflow 2013 and because we have several copies of it, we are willing and eager to see these changes and give Realflow a chance.

Now… if only Maya could handle anything over a few million particles :frowning:


naiad is nodebased, realflow is not. end of story!
Until nextlimit is changing that…there is no reason for me to switch bag to realfl, unless it is at least double or tripple fast. We are not in the stone ages anymore…


I hear ya…they listened to the feedback, making it permanent, unlimted particles, etc. Now they just need to lower the price to say $99.


Houdini 12, lots of nodes, competitive sim performance, network sims, great mesher, fast Arnold style rendering both particles (+10M) and surfaces (and fluids for that matter).

Just saying.


It will be welcome, myself am not very happy with Hybridos performance. To the point where I wonder why am I dropping all this money into it $1000 sub is :sad:


i hope my hardware can do like that…:sad:


I remembered when Next Limit first commercialized the first version of Hybrido, it was like holy water. Little did I know that speed was not up to par when in practical use, according to this thread. Thanks for all these info.


It’s also $10k for a float license + $4k annual.


SPH is looking pretty dead at this point, and all the simulation packages seem to be pretty much drawing even. Convincing renderings seem to remain far and few between though…


It’s also $10k for a float license + $4k annual.

The price is 10k plus as it does a lot more than just solve and render 10m plus points on a farm with unlimited render nodes :slight_smile:


Totally agree although it’s a good point actually. SESI business model force you to switch current pipeline into Houdini, because only that way you can justify the expense. Using Houdini Master as a dynamic package in Maya/whatever pipeline is a bit waste, and as such it’s difficult to compare RF and Houdini business-wise.


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