Realflow 2.0


I got an email that *Realflow 2.0 will be out soon.

As a 1.0 buyer it look like the upgrade cost for this software (that was unusable for the first few months as I recall) is $545 (which is said to be a special pre-order price!!!) or about 70% of the $750 regular price for new buyers.*

Hey that’s a nice scam if it works!

My opinion of this company is not improving.


From their webpage, it appears the full pre order price is €495.

I don’t know how the upgrade from V1 could be more expensive than that.


Yes, I think the pre-order price (for new customers) and the upgrade price are exactly the same. It may be NextLimit’s way of showing how little they care about worthless old customers.



The 1st version left a lot to be desired, although I have managed to get some good results out of it.
If version 2 doesn’t support Hybrido or something similar, they’re not getting my money, again.


Glad I didn’t purchase it originally but the 2.0 upgrade looks pretty impressive. Seriously considering it this time. Especially since some recent updates fixed bugs / poor behaviors in the original (allegedly). Multiple solver types have been added (it IS Dyverso-based now — not sure if it was before). Main things that are missing at this point are ocean-specific simulation capabilities and wave-simulation capabitlities which I don’t think anyone should expect those to be included vs. the full product. Those are pretty specialized things.

Full cost is $545 for first-time users until the 24th but I can’t imagine that existing customers wouldn’t get a break somewhere. Toolfarm lists $795 as single license price, $545 as upgrade so I think maybe it’s actually $545 full (error on Toolfarm) and some other price for ugprade users. Probably $345 if i had to guess.

One thing I am curious about: does the OpenCL implementation suffer limitations compared to CUDA (as with prior versions of Cycles4D for example)? Hopefully not.

One known bug concerns me:*RFCFD-523 - Cinema 4D sometimes crashes on exit after simulating scenes with RealFlow content. The issue is especially noticeable on macOS.


I’ve been beta testing it and yes, version 2.0 is a huge improvement over the original. But this upgrade price of $545/€495 is a kick in the teeth. I’m in the UK and have to pay 21% tax, making it just shy of €600 - or a massive £526. More than five hundred quid – for an upgrade! So in just seven months (I bought RF|C4D in November of last year) I will have shelled out over a grand.

Or rather I would have done. I’m finding it hard to justify this blatant rip-off pricing.


I doubt they will ever bring Hybrido to the C4d version. Dyverso is decent in C4d because it uses a smaller particle count. I couldn’t imagine trying to work with a 20 million count Hybrido shot with how poorly C4d handles a large amount of particles. *I agree with the upgrade pricing. *I’m just waiting for NextLimit to come out and say they are going subscription like damn near every other application these days.


Here’s the new features.


Considering I pay ~$617/year for C4D Studio… that upgrade fee is a bit steep.*


In that context, it’s ludicrous. Id happily pay somewhere in the $300 to $400 mark – but I also think that Next Limit is limiting themselves and keeping the product niche with its pricing. If this was, say $299 or even $350, it would be a no-brainer for most C4D users.

And I’ve just realised: there IS no upgrade price. Version 1.0 users get to pay the same price as new owners. Utter. Bullshit.


as a Sucker…i mean owner of the full on RealFlow software for over 5 years, I can say i think Next Limit is doing a bate and switch with pricing.

*RealFlow 5 cost about $3000, and now thats down to about $1200 YAY! *but they are MAKING UP the price with incredibly expensive ‘upgrades’.

I just upgraded to Realflow 10 and it was $800.

If i was getting 4-5 RealFlow jobs a year it would be a great value, but I’m lucky to have a RealFlow gig once every 1-2 YEARS!

BUT!..RealFlow DOES have the*hands down best Mesher in the industry. The X-partical Skinner, is GOOD, but is years away from replacing RealFlow.


Yes, just got an email from them confirming that the upgrade will be exactly the same for current customers as their early bird price for new customers (495 euros)


They really hate their current customers.


Yup that does seem rather cheeky, the v1 was pretty ropy, the only thing I got out of it other than a few tests was an inflated crash log :wink: To expect us to go ahead after that and buy it all over again seems ‘optimistic’ :wink: Nevermind, I’m sure it’ll be on ‘special super black tuesday sale discount!*!’ before long.

That said, I’m pretty much done with this plugin anyway, the beta was a disaster for me, even less stable than the first v1, everything I tried crashed almost straight away, and then the beta period was over. So I guess now the ‘second stage’ of the beta begins, this time using customers.


What an utter load of crap. I can’t believe that. Makes me not want to buy this product for the first time. I mean it’s a very fair price for a first time buyer (as a promotional thing). It’s a terrible price for someone upgrading. Not even $100 off to show some loyalty and appreciation for early adopters, next limit? F off!

Even if XP can’t quite do all the same stuff and doesn’t have as good a mesher, I’d rather stick with that as my only fluid solution than reward this kind of behavior by next limit.


Houdini Indie at $199/year is also an option if you fit within their financial limitations.*


yeah, but as a customer you got 1 year of free maintenance included, right?


I’ve owned it for seven months and, I think, had one bug fix.*



Well about time. I wonder if that’s in response to customer ‘feedback’?


I jumped the gun and paid for the pre order even though I’m a v1 customer. Oops…

I’m frustrated that they released a month-long beta without releasing 2.0 at the end of the beta period. I mean…how does that even make sense? If your beta period has expired recently, you have no access to 2.0 at the moment and there’s been no announcement of the actual release date.

And although they may have upgrade pricing plans, this information should be prominently displayed on their website alongside all of their current pricing options and “PRE-ORDER NOW!” buttons. A simple “Upgrade pricing information for existing v1 customers coming soon” would suffice. It’s not that f$%king hard to add an extra line of text to a website. I’m a web developer; I would know.

I’m getting pissed now.