Real World Dynamic Units?


Does anyone have any reference to what the equivelents to real world dynamics attribujtes would be for example 1 mass - 1kg or 1lb. Friction, gravity, damping, and anything else that could be converted into real world units would be especially appreciative.

I’m trying to do some realistic simulations that depend on mass and ridgid bodies and am trying to get the closest possible solutions.

Christian Choi


By and large I believe that Maya uses metric notation for its dynamic simulations. For instance gravity is defined in meters/sec in the gravity field node as well as fluids, though it’s in centimeters/sec for cloth. Go figure. For everything else though, I don’t really know what the specific RW equivilents are.


i was searching the forums for the very same answer… and still no luck
i was thinkin` of reviving this post because it would be fair to all guys -like me btw- that don’t have the genes of mr. newton to gain a little bit of info on what exactly are they tweaking in maya…mass/force units in maya are the equivalent of - what? in metric units and so on…
anyone who has any information plase share, it would make my life - at least - a ton less frustrating…


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