Real-Toonish Interior, Mahendra Pawar (3D)


Title: Real-Toonish Interior

Name: Mahendra Pawar

Here is my new project
main motto is to create realistic shading and rendering with Toon-ish environment.
This project took around 3 week 4 days to complete.
The concept was inspired from " Smurf The Lost Village " That Smurfette House.
I have done Procedural texturing and shading wanted to try project without texting.
All Aspects Modelling , shading , Lighting ,Compositing was done by me. And Thanks to my friends who gave me reviews.
Render time of this project was 5 hours and 35 minutes For all passes key, spill, Sky fill, fill-01,candle lights and utility passes
If you have any suggestion on this project please feel free to give me so that i can know more creative aspects of this project.
Hope You Like The Project