Real time rendered animation | A Dançar


Hey, my name is Rogério Perdiz and this is my story:

I’ve recently worked, with my wife, in a Blender Short animation, titled “A Dançar” Produced by the Portuguese musician and compositor André Santos.

We made everything you can see and André Santos made all that you can ear. Full credits are on Youtube.

It was rendered in real time, using 3 blender render engines:

  • Cycles was used to bake all the realistic light of the scenery;
  • Characters run in the 3D viewport GLSL, along with the now shadeless scenery;
  • In the end the contours were added using Freestyle

Except for the freestyle pass everything the entire video runs in real time in the 3D viewport exactly as seen in the final result:

Another cool thing is that, by demand of André Santos, the sound waves should match the characters movements and, with André help we did just that.

The reason of the real time rendering approach was to André (not a CG person) being able to see, at all the time, exactly what he would receive and, every time he would request a modification, could immediately see the results.

Ho! And the real time also allowed to film it in 3D… although now youtube no longer supports 3D and there ain’t more 3D TVs on the stores :confused:

If you can spare a bit of your time to leave a comment with an honest critic it would be awesome and I thank you in advance!