Real Time Female Charater - Redhead Girl, Bon Lam (3D)


Title: Real Time Female Charater - Redhead Girl
Name: Bon Lam
Country: Hong Kong
Software: 3ds max, Modo, ZBrush

Character Rendered Real Time
in My Game Engine. (Based on irrlicht)
Low Res but enouge for Facal Animation.

Looking for Solution of Problem in Zmapper Normal Seam…(help…)


The face is quite nice, I lik the proportions. You might need to work a little on the ear, because it is not anatomically correct. The hair above the ear looks vey lowres compared to the lips and eyes. I also think the part between the lips and the nose looks a bit to sharp in the edges.

Good start though! I don’t understand what your problem with zmapper is. You have to explain better. Do you use 3dsmax 8 high settings for normalmap? You might want to try rendering normalmaps in Max or maybe try xnormal if you have problems.


Good work, especially on the ears. I would like to see the whole costume someday!


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