Real time Character: Sarge , Tim Appleby (3D)


Really nice fusion, great concept. Glad you got it finished! :thumbsup:


really incredible, great job


This is amazingly beautiful and very very impressive work of modeling and texturing…!!!..realy inspiraing too…!!!..5*…

would be great to see the lowpoly wire too!!!..


here ya go! :slight_smile:

the mesh isnt as optimized as it could be… but hell its my free time! 8,842 tri’s

Thanks all!


As always Tim really great polished work. Now on to the next piece :slight_smile:


hey Tim long time no see! that’s fantastic! I think that you reallly like the quake style!
hope see u soon! 5 stars from me!


wow! Would love to see it animated! Great use of texturespace as well!


Really nice char, looks like the dude from a Starcraft game or a pimped version of the Duke ^^


Wow, this is a very impressive model, nice texture, nice details!


Good stuff man!


flippin awesome !!!


Badass Tim… Glad to see this wrapped up. Sucks that your back across the pond though:(


Hey Tim!
Thanks alot for posting wire, more LoPo art and polycount :thumbsup:



cool work and very good :thumbsup: 4****


awesome work Tim!


Lovely work Tim. Great to see him finished :thumbsup:



that is wonderful !
why i write my heart words on thread cannot pass!what a pity!

friend you really do a wonderful work!
i like it very much.


great stuff ! *****
always liked your work.
i am also wondering if you extracted the maps in max/maya or zmapper?



hey lowrez - I used max to render normal maps… polycrunched the high poly down from zbrush. I had to export it into lots of chunks but I batch process the poly reduction :smiley:


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