Real time Character: Sarge , Tim Appleby (3D)


Title: Real time Character: Sarge
Name: Tim Appleby
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

I started working on the high poly model for this guy some time last year and finished up the low poly and textures a few weeks ago. (I’ve been busy hah)
Its a Quake 3 fusion with Gears of War influences inspiring to m e to make a lumbering super soldier. I hope you guys like it!



Yea I like it Quake rulez;) cool marine perfect textures:thumbsup:


Nice job man, i especially like the texture work


Nice modeling and texturing

Keep it up realy nice soldier

4 Stars


Superb job! Love the stuff on your website and can’t wait for Mass Effect to be released on PC.


Fantastic Work Tim!!! I already followed your ZBC thread and I remember this Guy!
Bravo! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


nice work

love the detail in the suit.


GASP:great work!


wow man very cool the textures and model, congratz!!!


cool work and very good job with textures


I have to be quick since I am at work. Highpoly;

low normal mapped;

Sample of the dif texture before it was finished

Earlier Work in progress shots;

here ya go! :slight_smile:

the mesh isnt as optimized as it could be… but hell its my free time! 8,842 tri’s

Thanks all!


It`s cool! Great!!


Awesome model! Love his armor design very much. Also see very professional skills in character modeling. :thumbsup: Congratz 5stars


Yes, great work… and very profesional!!

All the best



Really nice work Space Monkey!


really great modeling and texturing ,Tim!
Your work has always been very inspirational. The normal map seems to transfer very well to the low poly version :thumbsup:


Awesome work! I dig the gruff, yet not too bulky look of the character. He looks mobile enough yet has enough armor for protection. The grimace/cigar is a nice touch!


very very nice , amazing textures and modeling 5 stars


Wonderful work!:thumbsup:


Inspiring :), amazing work, front page stuff :thumbsup: keep the good work :arteest: