Real-Time 3D modeling collaboration.


it can’t be compared to vnc at all.

i think the coolest thing so far is the gimp (and the upcoming? photoshop) plugin. it makes a much nicer texturing workflow. while you paint in gimp the texture updates in real time in blender. that’s very nice. :slight_smile: i hate to continuously export/import images to get feedback.

and it’s cool that verse is application independent. you can work on the same data in real time with different 3d applications. i hope it gets more widespread!


Just a bit of clarification and info: Ji?í Hnídek, the coder of the blender-verse integration, gave a talk at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam on the weekend. You can see some info about the talk here and download the PDF of the presentation. Hopefully the video of the presentation will be available before too long.

It’s all in realtime, and it’s cross platform in many ways. The Windows, Mac, Linux versions of blender can all connect to the same server nicely, and there is also a Maya plugin in development (its developer was also at the Blender Conference).

It’s not certain whether this will be in Blender 2.40 or not. There are still a few problems that need to be solved. As far as I know, the verse protocol only supports Meshes/Subdivision surfaces at this time, so if this is the case, you won’t be seeing any new object types soon.

Not only is it interesting for working with but it’s also nice as a method of offering i/o between 3d apps. Very exciting!


I am definately going to have to try the gimp/blender verse thing - just what the doctor ordered


I gotta say, that does sound pretty killer. I got a friend in India who’s always asking me for modeling advice, and it would be nice to just run this plug, and be able to SHOW him what he needs to know. Nothing would get lost in translation, I wouldn’t have to re-word what I’m trying to say… It would make the whole thing much easier.

I haven’t checked the site yet, but is there any word on a ZBrush version of the plugin?


I tried it yesterday. It was really nice, but I experienced a lot of crashes, and quite sadly there is no edge support so all you see is floating edges around when extruding vertices.

It has some cool potential.


I spent some more time testing it and I never experienced any crashes… and that with the added factor that one of the clients was running on Windows XP and the others two on SuSe Linux… not a single crash on any client, any floating edge neither… but I guess that the whole reason why it’s called an alpha built. I did find some non show-stoppers glishes and summited them to the developer in charge.

Try to see if you can replicate the circustances that leaded to the crashes, and then put it on this thread: the more bugs we get squashed now the less bugs will find it 's way into the final release.

The Gimp-Verse plug seems to work ok for Gimp-to-Gimp comunication, and seems to work ok on the Gimp side for Gimp-to-Blender communication (Blender sees what Gimp is sending) but that’ s pretty much what Blender can do right now with Gimp data, as the Image object in Blender hasn’ t been “versed” yet (I’ m not a developer, but’ s that what it seems from here, and the person in charge of Blender’ s Verse implementation hasn’ t even hinted that it is fully working).

Please tell me that was a joke.

Well, I was reading some pages on the Purple project (another Verse client in development) and seems like the guy developing Purple found a way to squease/stream a new (more intelligent and with construction history) Mesh type trought Verse. Likewise, another guy already wrote a python chat client that communicates using the Verse protocol. The fact that there already is a Gimp plug means that Verse also supports bitmaps.

All that makes me believe that Verse’ s practical frontiers are yet to be found.


I only tested working 2 at a time on the same mesh, that may be it.


I’m author of implementation of Verse protocol to Blender. I have to thanks for you positive feedback and I have to thanks to Apollux for his bug tracking and creating of this thread too. Good work! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, that verse-blender is in early state of development (it should be stable, but it has some problems and you cannot share all data now) … it is used for testing of concept, but it is very good, that people are interested in it.

If you will have any question, then post comment here or you can send me mail (you can find email at my weblog:



For those interested on testing Verse in real world conditions, kidb from the forums has set up a public verse server running on (use “” on the connect dialog).


Top secret, burn before reading.
Future plan for world dominance.
Stage 1: Make Verse support all the types of geometry, all types of 2D data.
Stage 2:Create set of Ultimate 3D Widgets.
Stage 3:All CG apps use Verse as a backend and U3W for UI. Since all newcomers should suport Verse/U3W… We Are Open Source. Resistance is futile. You will be asimilated.



Actually Project purple could become the next all powerful 3d app, The we won’t have to worry about Mayax and friends (autodesk) coming in to steal our software right from under us. Ther has been rumors that the next blender will be based off of this (3.0)


LOL :smiley:
I was the one that started that rummor. As I said there, that is just wishfull thinking based on some “reiterative coincidences”.


When Verse really kicks in it will be an amazing force for 3d. But it’s real power will be revealed as more applications get online.


I think it has been misunderstood. I don’t think this is a collaborative/revision control mechanism.I think its just for data exchange. ANyway let’s see. If the most popular(namely Maya,Sofftimage,3dsmax,Houdini,Lightwave & Cinema) come out with support for verse, it is going to be used mostly for print work as photoshop and gimp support it already.


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