Real Sandbox studios is hiring!


Hello CGSociety, I am currently working for Real Sandbox Pre-production Studios and we currently have a numerous open positions for talented VFX artists to fill!

Please contact us at for more info! If you require more information, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or PM!

Concept Artist
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Job Description
Applicants should be able to produce a wide range of highly creative and realistic character, creature and environment concept art .Applicants will work closely with the Art Director and project Leads from project inception to finish and will play a major role in establishing and maintaining the look of the project. In addition, assist in the creation of models and shaders.

Job Requirements
Excellent drawing and conceptualization skills with an ability to adapt to
established styles.
Understanding of fundamental illustration skills including composition,
perspective and color theory
Understanding of surface texture, anatomy, and architecture
Digital illustration skills with an Advanced understanding of Photoshop
Understanding of form, composition, and use of detail.

Miniature Model Shop Production Manager
Location: Beijing

Job Description
The Miniature Model Shop Production Manager (PM) helps to work with the Producers to manage the feature through the model shop fabrication production process.
The PM is responsible for the day to day management of the Client and in-house Art Department, AutoCAD, Technical and Fabrication Department and oversees the overall production schedule and to ensure that all producers are kept updated on any variances to the pre-agreed shooting schedule and to update and inform the producers of any potential overruns on a weekly basis.
The PM takes the initiative and becomes a team leader working alongside crew to keep up morale working with the producers and directors with a focus on managing the delicate and often difficult balance between the directors vision for the film and the budgetary limitations and time-lines set by the studio.

Managing the daily communication across all production departments to insure production priorities, objectives and changes are properly communicated, understood and coordinated.
Identifying potential problem areas within the production workflow and alerting the producers immediately to any problems.
Ensuring each day that production resources are properly allocated and the procurement of materials and list of suppliers are constantly updated.
To lead and initiates weekly production meetings and follow through on any issues arising from these meetings with all appropriate personnel.

Job Requirements
At least 5+ years of miniature modeling or relevant production skills for film or similar industries.
Good understanding of the miniature fabrication and production process for film and visual effects
Confident in pitching and working with creative clients in the film industry to wrangle their demands and realistically management internal resources to fulfill these demands.
Monitors the overall production process closely with necessary production tracking softwares or processes.
Able to work in stressful conditions and long hours.
Chinese speaking a MUST.
Savvy with communication tools like skype, QQ, wechat and etc.
MUST be organized, good with wrangling schedules, task assignments
Peoples’ person and excellent communication skills.

Previz Artist
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/ Kuala Lumpur

Position Summary:
A Previz artist must be able to build highly optimized 3D assets for real time workflow in Maya, and interpret 2D storyboards then setup camera work in motion and create a highly cinematic virtual 3D sequences to best represent the actual filming sequences on-set.

Collaborate directly with Directors, Producers, Heads of Story, and other supervisors and artists across departments to create a dynamic cinematic vision for the film that supports the narrative, adheres to production assumptions and executes it in a manner inspiring the crew.
take artistic direction from wide spectrum of sources to produce environments, props and characters.
Tackle challenging story, camera work, story structure and continuity issues and maximize entertainment value where needed

Required Skills:
Must have strong sense of composition, camera, animation timing and basic storytelling.
Shot layout, visual storytelling, composition, clear communicative sketching skills, clearly show character emotions, understanding of lighting, ability to show camera choreography and movement are a must.
Must be able to create basic character rigging systems and animation tools and interfaces for the execution of specific CG animation projects.
Be versed in Maya, Adobe After Effects or Nuke and Photoshop (Motion Builder also a plus)
Must have a strong sense of design and a knack of using real time elements (GPU rendering and real-time shaders a plus) to evoke cinematic lighting and depth.
Must be a team oriented and able to take direction from supervisor.

Pre-visualization Supervisor
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Job Description
The previz supervisor is responsible for overseeing the production of 3D previzualization animatics.
Leading a team of 3D artists the Previz supervisor must be specializing in the craft of camera work, real-time animation, rendering, lighting and collaborate closely with the Director and Visual Effects supervisor to break down the script and determine the sequence of shots necessary to portray the story depicted in 2D storyboards.
The Previz supervisor will then communicate to the rest of the 3D team and delegate specific tasks, which include environment modeling, character modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.

The candidate should hold strong experience and proven track record in CGI VFX FILM and Real-time workflow.
Possess strong ability to design and layout CG cinematic movie shots
Solid knowledge of cinematic cameras, lenses, photography, film editing and a good sense of timing required
High proficiency in using Maya, Nuke and After Effects
Knowledge in using Adobe Premiere a plus
Required to have a good knowledge as Maya Generalist (modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, etc)
Detail oriented
Strong problem solving skills
Be able to receive and address constructive feedback and interpret the Director’s vision
Be able to take direction, give clear direction and work together as a team
Flexible to work long hours and if required, work calmly under pressure
Good communication skills
Guide and mentor a team of 3D artist and share information, documentation, techniques and ideas with others
Ability to deliver work on time and accepts responsibilities and accountability of own actions

Production Manager
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Job Description
The Production Manager (PM) is responsible for managing the day-to-day production schedule and the crew to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the production. Under the direction of the Producer, he/she develops and oversees the department both in-house or on-set schedules and implements the overall show strategies.
The PM interacts with Producer and Senior Management on day-to-day crew progress and operational needs of the project. The PM is also responsible for ensuring that pertinent information is communicated to all appropriate parties on the project at all times. The ideal candidate will have completed at least one large scale VFX or Animated feature as an in-house production manager working with multiple vendors across the globe.

Duties and Responsibilities
Create and maintain the overall show schedule, ensure that in-house departments and vendors’ schedules tie into the master schedule, and track/forecast headcount and resource usage.
Coordinate the day-to-day production workflow and communication.
Ensure quotas are met and troubleshoot issues that prevent departments from hitting quotas. Assess challenges to productivity and direct the senior leadership towards solutions to solve the issues.
Strategize production challenges to ensure a steady flow of inventory.
Manage and mentor production staff to greater effectiveness.
Run weekly production meetings (and other departmental weekly meetings as needed) to ensure clear communication, dissemination of information, acknowledge accomplishments, and discuss challenges and crew issues.
Chinese speaking a PLUS!!
Work with Department Supervisors across multiple overseas facilities and anticipation of show-specific training/productions needs.
Facilitate performance management and review process for crew and production personnel.
Create data standards and monitor each department’s information in the production database (similar to Shotgun) and continually validate the accuracy of the information.
7 years in digital live-action/animation production and/or visual effects post-production senior management.
Familiarity with generating, analyzing, and manipulating Excel spreadsheets using formulas.
Ability to demonstrate a proven capacity for strategic thinking and critical analysis.
Effective communication ability in upward and downward management across all mediums (speaking in front of groups, email, skype meetings, etc.).

Story Development Artist
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur
Job Description
The Story Development Artists are story think tanks creating inspiring dialogues, memorable characters and most of all telling stories for movies to touch the hearts of people.
Come work with a passionate team of storytellers who push and inspire each other to solve creative challenges and support each other’s craft to be all that it can be.
We are looking for dynamo artists, original filmmakers with a mind for character and never before heard stories, to inspire or be inspired and ready to roll up their sleeves and invest their boards with an abundance of entertainment.
We encourage all our artists to contribute to the creative decision making in our story rooms, so if you have a point of view, all the better-we want you to express yourself artistically and personally help shape our films!

Collaborate directly with Directors, Heads of Story, and other artists across departments to brainstorm ideas, shape our stories with the language of film.
A sensibility and knowledge of how to best serve the structure of a movie, from the overall theme to the individual scene and an awareness of where to add emotion or humor as necessary to the story
Tackle challenging story and structure problems and maximize entertainment value where needed

Ability to work collaboratively
Excellent writing ability, movie experience preferred
Creativity and imagination
Understanding of cinematic scene and dramatic structure
A willingness to accept criticism and rejection of your work

Storyboard Artist
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Job Description
Storyboard Artist to handle storyboarding, visual story development, and creation of storyboard animatics for multiple genres and styles of animated feature and television.

Collaborate directly with Directors, Heads of Story, and other artists across departments to brainstorm ideas, shape our films through visual sequences, and develop cinematography, staging, and cutting
A sensibility and knowledge of how to best serve the structure of a movie, from the overall theme to the individual scene and an awareness of where to add emotion or humor as necessary to the story
Tackle challenging story and structure problems and maximize entertainment value where needed

Job Requirements
Must have practical art skills and a very good understanding of cinematography.
Shot layout, visual storytelling, composition, clear communicative sketching skills, clearly show character emotions, understanding of lighting, ability to show camera choreography and movement are a must.
Must have strong understanding of digital storyboard software.
Able to work within a production schedule.
Must have good interpersonal skills.

VFX Coordinator
Location: Beijing

Job Description
The VFX Coordinator is responsible for the assignment and tracking of tasks in the areas of working with external production studios, in-house production, on-set productions and updating multiple tasks, tracking of schedules and reporting accurate information to the VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer.
Facilitates the movement of shots between teams, coordinates daily reviews, and communicates status updates to ensure the delivery of shots on schedule. Provides administrative support to the production management team and supervisors.

Highly organized with excellent scheduling and task management and tracking skills.
Demonstrated project management experience with the ability to problem solve effectively in a fast paced environment.
Minimum 2-5 years of experience within the VFX or film production industry.
Conversant with visual effects terminologies and processes.
Ability to liaise and collaborate with clients, artists and producers.
Established software knowledge
Understanding of visual effects processes including asset development, layout, matte painting, animation, fx, lighting and compositing is considered an asset.
Working experience with Shotgun (or other production tracking software) is considered an asset.
Strong knowledge of MS Office package (including word, excel)
Working knowledge of Nuke and After Effects are considered assets.
Role reports to Supervising Producer
We look for proactive and personable team players.
Remuneration commensurate with experience

VFX on-set data wrangler
Location: Beijing/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Job Description
Major VFX Production in Beijing looking VFX on-set data wrangler to working alongside with international industry luminaries, as well as actor, directors and supervisors.
The production includes many exciting challenges, never done before in China, these vfx sequences and photography includes a mixture of digital fx, practical fx, and miniatures.

Job Requirements
Capturing spherical HDR’s for CG lighting
Surveying/measuring major props and sets that require VFX
Taking detailed camera notes and working with assistant camera operators as well as the script supervisor to ensure accurate logging of camera data (focal length, lens height, tilt, etc)
Photographing textures and props for rebuilding in CG
Knowledge in Photomoder or Agisoft photoscan Photogrammetry modeler a PLUS!
Ensure timely delivery of all files, both internal and external to VFX companies.
Person must be proficient with both MAC and Windows OS.
Must be capable of independent work, with little supervision, capable of identifying and communicating issue encountered to technical staff.
Chinese speaking a PLUS!
Must be able to work 12+ hour days 5-7 days a week for the duration of the shoot.
Must be super organized in files naming and data storage structures.
Must be able to work in Beijing for at least 6-9months.

Visual Effects Producer

Job Description
The Visual Effects Producer is the heart of the project working closely with the vfx in-house and on-set crew. Especially with the VFX Supervisor, Director and Producer to coordinate on-set requirements and resources to realize the vision of the Director and the show.
You are required to manage all aspects of the show, typically involving: the initial visual effects breakdown and bid, planning and scheduling of facility resources on-set and in-house.
VFX production entails working with several VFX production companies across the globe.

Quote entire body of work in conjunction with VFX Supervisor and Director/Producers
Track and record all changes to the scope of work, verify change orders are correct
Maintain control over master cost, schedule and shot costs, change orders, turnover dates, etc…
Work with HR to hire any required resources and ensure staffing requirements are maintained through the duration of the project
Serve as primary contact for project between client and external VFX companies on new work, changes, billing, issues
Ensure external VFX companies are working with correct bid and delivery schedule
Ensure all deliverables for project are determined and that all shots are delivered
Ensure all PO’s are received
Work with accounting to ensure all invoices are sent according to contractual or the pre-determined schedule as set by Executive Producer / VFX Supervisor
Anticipate (as best as you can) any special project requirements (software, hardware, space) are communicated to systems and Executive Producer / VFX Supervisor as early as possible
Report overall project status to the Executive Producer / VFX Supervisor as required
Monitor overall Bid vs Actual
Assist Marketing & PR with drafting interview responses and press releases

Job Requirements
Minimum 5-7 years of experience within the film and television industry with combination of Visual Effects coordinating and producing experience
Familiarity with 2D and 3D VFX pipelines involving Nuke, Maya, Lightwave, Inferno, CineSync, etc.
Highly motivated and works well with a team of artists, coordinators, VFX Sup, etc.
Experience with Shotgun Studio, Filemaker Pro and Katana a plus
Excellent listening, writing and presentation skills
Strong knowledge of Digital Intermediate pipelines a plus
Existing contacts with freelance artists within the Visual Effects industry a bonus
Familiarity with 2D and 3D VFX pipelines involving Nuke, Maya, Lightwave, Inferno, CineSync, etc.
Experience with Shotgun Studio a plus
Strong knowledge of Digital Intermediate pipelines a plus
Proven track record in project management
Capable of motivating and leading teams on various projects with excellent leadership skills, confidence and clarity
Calm, organized, astute and methodical in their approach to the work
On-set experience


are the pre vis positions still open to apply? does your company have other positions also?


why yes it is! please send your portfolio to :bounce:


hi so the above is the correct email address?


yes. it is.


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