Real or Photoshop?


This is a picture of one of my classmates from when I went to school and it spurred a never ending debate whether or not it was real or photoshopped. I decided to bring it to CGtalk to decide.

/can a mod make this a poll? I checked the FAQ and I just don’t see the option to create a poll.


i say real.


I think it’s Photoshop



Motion blur on the jersey and hair.
Pretty damn good photo!


Photoshoped as he does not look fit enough to pull that off :twisted:

Edit- Then again he could be cut like Bruce Lee under that top!


perhaps he was once bitten by a radioactive spider :wink:


Im gona say real…its too good for photoshop…


Real… Cool shot :thumbsup:


I’m saying Photoshop. His pose just isn’t believable- his center of gravity is way off. For him to do this, he would literally have to defy gravity. :smiley:


Easily doable with a fast enough camera.

Easily doable with only medium level photoshop abilities and attention to the proper lighting.


I think it’s real, IMO the pose would be too awkward to take when you’re on the ground, there would be a lot of weight on your arm and his rightleg seems to be not placed normally when you would take on a sort of crawlingpose just to manipulate a photo, it would be to uncomfortable.
However I am wondering how he would pull of a jump like that and I do see a dark edge on the rightside of his head wich could mean a cut-out.


I’m pretty 95% sure it’s real, If it isn’t you are a photoshop god.


I think Photoshopped. Because if I did that, I would be one big motion blur on the camera lens. Then again, there are some cameras that get things in perfect clear frames.


From a CG standpoint, I can’t find any evidence of tampering.

However from a photo standpoint, a couple of things stand out to me as warning flags. Honestly I would give it a 60/40 which means it very well could be real and I’m just paranoid.

It would appear gravity for the guy on the wall is to the left not down. Note: Hair, pants and shirt all “fall” to the left, not down, especially if they wanted to “stay” down on the ground as he jumped.

In order to get a photo with that little motion blur, you would need to be shooting at incredibly high shutter speed. At that fast of a shutter, I don’t believe the photo would be that blown out.

Eyeline on the guy in the background seems to be looking at something higher than the action taking place.

I can’t find anything that I can stake my life on, but I would say photoshoped.


I’m gonna say real…

…but I don’t understand why there is no shadow from those two long lights hanging right above his head.

The picture is somewhat noisy (esp look at the ducts), which means it was probably shot at a high ISO. If you get a lens with a low enough aperature (like <3) and take the photo at a high ISO (=>1600), then I don’t think you would have to set your shutter speed too high.

There is also no EXIF data. That doesn’t mean anything for sure, but worth noting.


What he said.

The shadow is directly under him, which I find kind of strange for a scene lit in this way.


Quoted for agreement.


New poll added.
I think it’s real.

There’s plenty of ambient light to account for the shadow and you have to take into account motion when debating things like how the clothing hangs in relation to gravity.

Totally plausible with a high speed camera and a guy more agile than myself. :smiley:


I can never vote on polls on this site.


I’ll give you a big reason I think its photoshopped.

I don’t think the light in the lower-right corner is real.

Why would there be a shadow from that light and not the one above him?