Real Lights-How to?


Im working on a scene where the camera is looking down a short dark hallway and at the end I want to have a light similar to those flat rectangular ones used in office buildings that are on the ceiling. I have no idea how to do this. How do you make a light fixture of some kind have light coming out of it? Does it have something to do with transluceny? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It sounds like you want to give area lights a try, these will emit light from a rectangular area for you. Use one of the falloff settings to make it more realistic as well…linear falloff works pretty good, you just need to crank up the intensity a bunch. Start with an intensity between 500 -1000 and see how bright it is. Good luck


and if you choose to render your scene with Mentalray, you can turn the area light visible, so it will appear in the final render. Also with Mentalray you can use Photometric lights to simulate real lights, based on IES files:thumbsup:


thanks for replying ill try those and see how it works as soon as i can.


You could also make a plane and change incandescence setting to a high number and that would make the plane render as a light. This light will not affect anything else in the scene, but you could place an actual light next to it and set the plane or object so that it doesn’t receive light. That makes a decent looking light in a scene.


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