Real Life Scaling/Units


I want to 3d print the objects i make on blender. how do i determine my models real life measurement in blender before i print them? I want to know what a Inch/Foot would be in blender? Is there any scripts/displays/what have you, that helps me determine real life scalability and printability.


If you go to the properties panel, under ‘Scene’, you can select the units you want to use in Blender of scales. Either Metric, or Imperial.

Then you can either a) use the grid to determine the scale, or b) try using the ‘measure panel’ add-on. I’m not sure if it will work for your purpose, but it is worth a shot. You can enable by going to File > user preferences > add-ons, then search for ‘Measure Panel’ and click the little box on the right hand-side to enable it. You can read up on how to use it if you get stuck.


You mean this stuff?


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