Real life GPU experiences with GTX, Quadro, Firepro



So I have EVGA GTX580 3Gb model.

Im currently studying Maya 2017 and SIde Fx Houdini 16. I am aiming for a CGI/VFX space journey through space stuff, also CGI alien ships attached to video and stuff like that. So basically trying to learn what you see in movies. Im now watching a tutorial video in youtube about floating island that you do with houdini.

I know how to video edit in sony vegas pro and premiere pro and do basic effects on after effects. I have 2 computers I use to work now and they are i5-3570K (overclocked to 4.2ghz) 24gb ram and 2x xeon 5680 (48gb ram). The gpu card is on the i5-3570k one and I currently actually only use it since its single thread performance is almost 2 times faster than the xeons and in total its only half the speed of the xeons. But I can use xeons for speeding up rendering when time comes for that.

I believe I havent yet found the limits of my GTX580 but probably soon will, specially when it comes to viewport speed.

Question is: is there any point now getting a used quadro k2000 (4gb) or old quadro 5000 (2.5gb) or firepro w7100 (4gb), as those are 200-300 dollars. Or a used GTX970 (4gb-6gb) which is at the same price or should I wait and learn more of the programs, to see what I really need?

Also, whatever I will be making, it will be for 2k resolutions (full hd) and not 4k or higher than that. Whatever I try to do, it will be very likely projected to video which will be 2k so nothing high resolution stuff needed.

Im also more interested in so called viewport speed and the application speed when you use it and not rendering speeds for the final project (explanation: some renderers use GPU to render the final job fast. Priority is now in viewport speed, final rendering times arent as important as I havent done anything yet that needs much rendering so not going to need that stuff yet).

I have a habit of buying stuff that is either too little or too much and for example, I have no idea what kinda workload you need to have a scene use 4-8Gb of gpu ram vs 2-4Gb.

I will not be modeling any technical stuff like screws or cad stuff so those programs are out too. I think Its best to wait and find the limits of my current card but I see nothing bad in trying to learn in advance. Thanks


To be honest, no, none of those will make much difference except the 970. The k2000 is 5 years old and was a bit crap even when it was new. The 5000 is 7 years old and is total junk by modern standards and the firepro card is about the same speed as your current 580. The 970 would give a 50% fps boost in high poly scenes, but wouldnt speed up everything.