3D Generalist Christoph Schindelar has posted some new renders online.

These are demos of his upcoming “Real-displacement-textures” - 3d-scanned.
ScanData: 60.000.000 Points / 12.000.000 Polys
All baked into a single material between 4k - 8k resolution for low memory usage and max renderspeed.
Also works with UE4.

This is pretty impressive - for displacements! (not even vector displacements - just the simple 2d normals displacement according to the artist)
What do you think about it?


Wau! That looks awesome. Please release some test-textures.

Mads :slight_smile:


Wow that is really impressive!


Hi, this is incredible. Can I ask what hardware your using to scan this? Is is photogrammetry based or some kind of lidar setup?


I am wondering how this 3D scanning was taken. I am interested in this technology.