Ready to go, Jaime Otegui (3D)


Title: Ready to go
Name: Jaime Otegui
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

This image shows the end of the restoration of a vintage vespa bike, done in an italian repair shop. I wanted to add a lot of little details, like the calendar, the photographs of the wall (I did that photographs in Rome last may), and my cup of coffee and zippo.
It´s done in 3dsmax (mental ray) and photoshop for textures and dof. (render time about 20 hours, real resolution 2000*1250).
Comments and critics are welcome, I hope you like it:



Nice model and render.
keep up good work…


Awesome modeling and overall setup is just excellent :thumbsup:
4 stars ****


5 stars !
Nice idea … I love Vespa


Very good modeling !


Excelent job…fantastic texture work.


Great modelling and materials. Cool stuff


Great piece. Did you have blueprints? I ask this because some parts of the bike look like they are too big. When I did my Vespa I only had a side photo and no blueprints.


Great scene!! Very very realistic!!
The vespa model make me noltalgic thinks!!
Some old movies come to my mind!! ^^
Great work, really!!


Very nice modeling!!



Very good work! Lot’s of little details!

Love that paint shader!!


Thanks for all your comments.

For Eric Cartman (:)): Jure, I found a lot of photographs in the web of the Vespa, like you I had to model it just with a side picture. But I think the model is accurate, this model refers to the early vespas of the fifties, that has different proportions than the actual ones. For example they had a very big saddle, like also the wheel headlight.
I really like your render of the Vespa.

Thanks again

Iggy Pop
Dwarf before the battle


Looks just lovely,i give you 5* for all the details and atmosphere.


Wonderful render!


Very good image, Jaime. I like the models and textures.
I see your coffe, zippo and tobacco in the image, jeje.



Lovely work… really good modling…texturing…lighting skills… 4stars frm me… :bounce:


A lovely image with a great model. There are some scaling issues though (cup Vs lighter and tobacco pouch) but good overall.


Very good work!!


Excellent work, “Jiame”. I like so much your visual narrative and the meticulous attention to details.

In my opinion, the color of the Vespa needs more saturation to stand out against the rest of the scene.



Great job!, It´s really amazing.:buttrock:

…creo que tienes demasiado tiempo libre…, tendré que tomar medidas :twisted: