reactor cloth pull off object


Any tips on getting cloth to pull off an object to reveal it…

I have the reactor generated mesh in place but can’t figure out how to pin a corner to an object so I can pull it away from the object it is now draped over… & yes I spent 2 hours RTFMing and seraching this forum.



First animate the movement that you want the cloth object to do as its pulled off the object (bare with me…). Then in the cloth modifier select the verts that you want to ‘pull’, and then click keyframe verticies under the constraints tab. When you solve the solution the verts you selected will do the animation you had previously animated and the rest of them will be controlled by the cloth sim. Let me know how you got on.


hmm, i posted a reply to this ages ago but it seems to have not shown up… oh well.
If you animate you cloth object performing the act of being pulled off then go into the vertex selection of the cloth modifier, select the verts that you want to ‘pull’, then click ‘Animate verts’ and solve the sim. The verts you selcetd will continue to do the animation you have just made and the others will be driven by the cloth simulation. If my other post turns up i apologise for posting twice!!!


Maybe I’m in a different version of reactor under max 5 cuzN I do not see those options.

Here is my reactor pull cloth scene with animated verts, ready to solve if anyone cares to school me on this.



The options wildyam was talking about are new to reactor2 / max6.

I tried to find a solution but I couldn’t think of a single one. Is there some way you could attach a cloth to a RB in max5? Because then you could probably animate the RB. :shrug:

Well, good luck.

  • Rens

P.S. wildyam: the post showed up late because the first five posts you’ll post have to be checked by mods (you should’ve seen a message about that).


Tried that, and I can get some control by leaving sub-object verts selected, but I got tired of R&D and solved the problem with a deforming sphere that lifts from inside my cloth mesh.

I’m gunna step up to Max 6 before I loose that option, but for now its crunch time. Thanks for your replies,



ok, sorry about the max version mixup. To do it in max 5 you have to select the verts that you want to have effected by the cloth simulation (so in the case of your file I just inverted the selection and deselected a few more verts in the corner) then solve the simulation, and vola! it works…And it is completely backwards from how it works in Max 6 but never mind…Although you are going to have to play with the settings to stop the cloth from shearing too much, and remember that the simulation is going to be effected by the speed with which you ‘pull’ those verts.

PM me with you email and I will send you max file back if you want - don’t have any where to upload it from here.


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