Reaching - TOOL CD artwork, Meats Meier (3D)


Title: Reaching - TOOL CD artwork
Name: Meats Meier
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

These are images that I completed for the new TOOL album “10,000” days. They are created to be viewed in 3d, and stereoscopic glasses are included in the packaging for your viewing pleasure.

I was very honored to work with Adam Jones (the guitarist and art director for TOOL) and Alex Grey, the legendary painter on this project.

I only had about five days from start to finish to create two fully animatable images and to work out the technical details of making it a stereo image. I had a lot of great help from the old school 3d master Ray Zone.


Sweet work…plugged. :slight_smile:


Thanks Rebecca!

Here are a few more images:

3d glasses version <if you get a chance, check it out, it’s the real way it was meant to be seen>

Image 2 : Recession

And it’s 3d glasses version:

I forgot to mention the first image was from a quick concept by Alex Grey. They let me have a lot of control in bringing it into 3d and changing certain aspects.

Most of this image is created with Mayas excellent paint effects.

The packaging showing the stereoscopic glasses, which give full 3d with full color.




I just picked up the CD yesterday and I looked through the credits and stuff and I saw your name. I am student learning 3D at school so I knew that was you when I saw you name. You do amazing work and I think it is very cool and awesome that you got to do something with Tool. They are one of my favorite bands. The stereoscopic glasses and pictures were such a cool add to the CD. This is probably the best Tool CD artwork ever!!


Very nice work. I’ve been hearing great things about the art on the 10,000 days cd but I wasn’t aware that you were working on the project. Great art and a great album…what more can you ask for.


Awesome work, you are always taking your work to a higher level! 4 stars from me.


That’s sweet! I’ve gotta go pick up that cd now …not that I wasn’t planning on it but this is another great reason to. :smiley:


That’s really cool. I picked up the cd yesterday and noticed the style but didnt look through the credits.
Especially cool since during your Q&A you mentioned that you listened to Tool. How was it working with Adam and Alex Grey?


I picked up the CD yesterday too. I was totally blown away by the artwork. Congrats on a job very well done.


Yes. This album has to be the best packaged CD ever.

the stuff is really cool. the images of the band members in the booklet is awsome a well. i love how TOOL go the effort for all this. your images are great. the recession one is really cool in 3d!

as for the album itself…not too bad…


All the extra pics are seriously cool. Thanks for posting those as well! :slight_smile:




Great job, and i’m very happy to hear about a new album of TOOL.


it’s gonna cost me a fortune, but i gotta buy that album
listened to it in a friend’s house, it’s amazing :smiley:


I got this CD yesterday as well! Man this is just a pleasure seeing you post! I feel honored just posting on yor thread! Man I love the Tool CD its incredible! Man awesome work, keep it up! Awesome to see you post here!


Very cool work ! It should have been such an amazing experience to work with this band man, the fusion gives something beautiful ! I can’t wait to get this LP here in France, does the european version have also the stereoscopic glasses ?

I would also love to hear a bit as dima101 asked, about this work session between you and the band, how did you came to this idea of illustration, does your minds get connected rapidly with Adam Jones and Alex Grey ?

Anyway, it’s cool to see this work featured here :buttrock:


Congratulations Gym.

You are now God!


It’s really great to see in person… not to mention the CD kicks all ass.


I can’t believe you worked with TOOL, my fav band, i’m so green right now… lol

Great Artwork man.


great image, but with the 3d-glasses on its not just great - it fantastic!


As usual, splendid stuff! I’d like to know what you eat everday hehehe…and tool rulezzzz.
Did you get to meet Maynard? If not yet, you should after your phenomenal work for their cover.