Reaching Out, Soenke Maeter (3D)


Title: Reaching Out
Name: Soenke Maeter
Country: Germany
Software: Blender, Photoshop

I created this one for the BWC2008. The composition is something i payed special attention to.
It’s rendered with Blender2.47 internal render and some postpro with Photoshop.


Great job ,composition is awesome,great achievement using blender!


Great job 4* from me !





Great compo. The picture is awesome Oo

I have only one question: if you use Blender, why don’t you use the Gimp ? :stuck_out_tongue:


wow…this is amazing…

great job


Perhaps for the same reasons as me, it’s very backwards. I honestly really really tried to start to use that instead of PS… But no matter how much I wanted to get used to it, I couldn’t. It simply was too awkward.


Oh, I forgot… hehe

Brilliant picture. Great sense of scale, great palette and brilliant amount of detail.


Very, very nice work !


i can feel the wind in the picture…


Excellent work!


Love it. Love the color palette and the sense of scale and epicness. Great image


oh my, very nice composition, and nice perspectiv, nice render to


-Lovely work, very free spirited and great attention to details…


Beautiful work.




Nice! I like it…has a story and that’s quite rare these days. :beer:


Simply Superb:thumbsup:


Brilliant! This is amazing in all aspects! 5* from me! WOW!!


Imply beautifull, i ike so much color and the atmpsphere that yoc create!
Do you think to make some tutorial abaut this image?
How much time did you spend to learn blender?
What are problem do you faund to use blender?

P.S:5stars for me :bounce: :applause: :applause: :applause: