re: amd 64 system "Beat this deal!!!"


Can anyone find a cheaper deal on the net that beats $540 for a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ w/ an Asus K8V MB, w/ 512 mb pc3200 RAM, 80GB HD, CD RW, no Operating system?

Is the K8V MB the best MB for the AMD 64?

Why is AMD 64 FX so much more expensive?


Considering it is a VIA motherboard, I wouldn’t touch it.

According to your link, that is configured with 256mb of memory, not 512mb. And it is apparently generic memory at that. Certainlyh not Corsair, Crucial or other quality brands.

172.00 for the CPU, when pricewatch lists it for 158.00

Windows Home Edition, instead of Pro?

CD-Rom and no DVD or DVDR or any kind of burner?

Good luck.


The reason I am considering a 3000+ is because the jump in price to the +3200 is not justifiable to me.

What motherboard would be the best for the amd 64?



All are based on the much better nForce3 250 chipset, and these are the most recommended of the models available with that chipset.


I configured the system to have no operating sys. with 512 mb of ram. The link that I added above defaults back to the original configuration. What RAM should I buy? The reason I want to buy it from someone on line is because they can put it together for me.


Also, what tower and power supply should I select? Something good but not so expensive? I do not need a video card or cd burner.Is this the best configurator / price on the net besides buying everything seperatly and putting it all together?


What about kingmax memory? Any good? Also I like the price of the EPOX 8KDA3J,Am I loosing out on some features by not going with one of the other two boards?


This will be my last question: What minimum power supply should I get?


i’m looking for a new rig to. i’m not getting under 3.2 athlon64 and waiting for PCI Express. for now, i’m going to use an older video card until i can get a PCI Express video card for under $300. this way, my computer will last longer, and still be able to upgrade for some time.


In my experiences VIA is much more stable than Nvidia and when it comes to AMD64, VIA is walking all over nvidia. I just ditched an Nforce2 ultra in favor of my old KT600 and it’s so much more stable and it runs a lot cooler since the nvidia board had to run the processor at a higher voltage for some strange reason.


When does pci express expect to come out? and when it does will i be able to use my old 4x agp card on those motherboards as well?


PCI Express x1 is already out Are people waiting for PCI express higher than x1?


I’ll answer this post, instead of quoting and replying to all.

FYI you are likely to piss off the mods by posting like that.

Epox has the most features of the boards listed. It seems that it is #1 popular recommendation right now.

Corsair and OCZ make blazing fast memory, you of course will want PC3200.

PS should be at least 480w. Thermaltake makes a good unit that I have uysed on numerous occasions, Atec makes the 550w truepower which is pretty expensive but well worth it. It’s about double the cost of the Thermaltake.

Cases, Lian Li, Antec, Chieftec, and a number of others make good cases.

are you SURE you don’t need a video card? how old is the one you have? is it a 3.3v or 1.5? If it’s an older unit you need a new one.

regarding PCI-Express, don;t waste your time yet. I suspect I would just confuse you trying to explain it and it isn’t really going to gain you anything in performance.


[font=Times New Roman][color=white]No, please feel free to explain. If someone explains to me in a way i can understand, I will get the picture. But of course time is an issue :frowning: for most people to explain. But don’t get me wrong I appreciate all responses and advice!

I was mistaken, the old pci slots will be called/become pci express x1, the agp 8x will be called/become pci express x16, right? I notice that it is implemented in the p4’s already. How much longer before it will be implemented in the AMD 64’s MB? Will the pci express x16 mother boards still support my agp 4x Nvidia Quadro xgl 700 card? Is it really worth the wait for pci express x16 or is it better to wait even longer where pci express matures?



after reading this thread, i went looking. not to many athlon64 & PCIexpress mobos out there… yet. also, PCIexpress is replacing AGP. so you will be forced to get a PCIexpress video card. there will be no AGP ports. although i did find news that some companies are trying to make mobos with both PCIexpress and AGP… but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

i’m holding off until as long as i can, but i will be getting a new rig before xmas.


Well this PC is decent;

Evesham Evolution Bluestreak - Intel Pentium 4 3.6GHz, 1GB 533MHz DDR2 RAM, 200GB hard disk, 256MB GeForce 6800 PCIX, dual layer DVD+/-RW and DVD-ROM drives, 17" LCD Viewsonic (16ms)

A score of 12,241 in 3DMark03 is not too shabby either.

Price : £1,799


What about the prospect of getting a PCI-express Geforce 6800 card now, and hold onto it for a few years until Dual GPU and CPU’s boards come out (eg. Alienware) so by that time getting a 6800 should be cheaper and then link em up for twice the performance.

Ahh…its good to dream…



Intel really doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. For the most part they do not have a performance edge comparing 32 bit apps, and any leads they have are going to be very short lived.

64 bit windows and 64 bit ported apps are going to be a reality sooner than the end of AGP support that you mention in your post. ANd that is going to provide users far more benefit than buying a 600.00+ video card now, and then having to sit on it until it’s able to be useful.

It’s far better to get things you can use now, and still have future benefits later.

On top of that, PCI-E isn’t much, if any at all faster than AGP.


PS should be at least 480w. Thermaltake makes a good unit that I have uysed on numerous occasions, Atec makes the 550w truepower which is pretty expensive but well worth it. It’s about double the cost of the Thermaltake.

You really don’t need a 480W power supply. That’s complete over kill for someone who is not adding a video card. Buy a 480W if you’re getting a Nvidia 6800U, and the power supply you get is dodgy, and you’re over clocking, and you’re anticipating the video cards in the next few years will suck a nuclear power plant dry and you’re looking into your crystal ball and think you’ll want one, and you want to run your toaster off it! breeeeath. People run their 6800U off 300W PSU’s, but get a 350W to be safe, or a 400W to be super-duper safe, and just make sure it’s not poor quality and you’ll be fine

i’m holding off until as long as i can, but i will be getting a new rig before xmas.

Holding off never makes sense to me.
a. There’s always something better just over the horizon.
b. Holding off so you can get a future proof system? Do you really think you will upgrade parts. Last computer I bought I future proofed it and then never upgraded anything.
c. Your time is valuable. So you hold off for 6 months and save yourself $500. Well, ask yourself if, in the the 6 months you waited, would you have paid $500 to rent that fast computer, while it was still the best system around. You’ve bought it now, and you’ve saved $500, but it’s no longer the best system.


go to this link first before deciding on which power supply to choose:

Then you’ll see it’s the amount of ampère on the +12v rail that’s crucial for having a solid, stable computer. (cuz that’s the rail where you cpu is hooked upon)